KUFFS Server Machine/Webhosting Expenses – Single Donations

This form is for one time or occasional donations to the KUFFS Gaming Server expense fund. If you wish to auto donate monthly, please consider checking out our Patreon page at

Discord roles and additional game server access from these manual donations will mirror the Patreon Tiers with relation to donation amount.

$10 – Copper, $20 Silver, $50 Gold, $75 Platinum, $100 Titanium. You can see what each Tier gives you on our Patreon page at

If you aren’t a member of the KUFFS Discord, please join here:

Be sure to include your KUFFS Discord username in the comments of your donation so we can assign the correct Donator role to you. We will mirror the tier levels on our Patreon page above, based on your donation amount.

For total transparency purposes, our expenses for the KUFFS Game Server(s) and web server are as follows:

Web Servers & CAD (Monthly) – $42.95
Support Ticket Tool (Yearly) – $64.80
Domain Names Registration (Yearly) – $31.68
Primary Server Machine (Monthly) – $94.90
FiveM Element Club (Monthly) – $15.00
Additional Patreon Memberships/Mod & Game Support Expenses – $60.00

Total Yearly Expenses: $2650.68

Monthly Average Expenses: $220.89
(not counting PayPal/Patreon expenses)

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Donation Total: $10.00