Current application status for the FiveM server will be updated here.
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Welcome to the KUFFS Gaming Crew Community Forums!
FiveM Applications for general whitelist are currently CLOSED.

Server is now whitelisted due to asshats, so new players will have to catch rounds of when applications are open to apply for the general whitelist. We hated to go this way, but we're tired of the bullshit during our streams.

You should also join us in the KUFFS Gaming Discord at for the latest news and information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT use unit number/names form other servers in your forum account, the KUFFS Discord, or log into the KUFFS FiveM server with a unit number/name from another server. This confuses things, since we have our own unit number assignments. This is an offense that will get you banned.

You can find the application forms and instructions in the FiveM Server forum sections for Civilian,
Law Enforcement, Fire Department/EMS. EVERYBODY must play on our server as a civilian for quite some time before being considered for any whitelisted jobs that are available, NO EXCEPTIONS.

You MUST read the rules and familiarize yourself with our expectations. Failure to do so will most likely mean you will end up kicked and/or banned from the server.

Whitelisted jobs that require applications also require that you have played on the server for a while prior to being approved so your roleplay can be evaluated by admins. Failure to spend the necessary time on the server will result in your application being denied.

Effective Immediately: Once pre-requisites are met, you can apply for either LEO or Fire/EMS, not both.

All applications can be found below:
To apply for Dispatcher, complete a Law Enforcement application and put "Dispatch" for the department you are most interested in.

If an application is not listed as OPEN, then those applications are currently closed.

You MUST join our Discord chat here: and make sure you have your YouTube and/or Twitch linked in your Discord profile.
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