General Whitelist Application

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General Whitelist Application

Post by briggsygaming » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:46 am

Your Steam Name: David Briggs
Your Steam Profile URL:
Your Discord Display Name: David Briggsy
Your RL Age: 34 16/03/1986
Have you read the server rules? yes
Do you agree to follow those rules? yes
Previous Roleplay Experience (EXPLAIN): i have been ems and other jobs in a other server and also a mechanic
What is your KUFFS vRP Database ID number? (This number should show in the "You're not whitelisted" message when you tried joining the server.] 5216
Link your YouTube, Twitch, DLive, Facebook, etc video channels. (separate by commas, put NONE if you don't publish videos or stream. NOTE: You must pass a separate approval process to stream from our server.) none
Give us the backstory/plans and name for AT LEAST one of your characters you would plan to play on the KUFFS FiveM server? (Make this count, it will decide approval/denial) my name David Briggsy and i have moved to los santos from vice city to start a new life and find a well payed job or maybe even buy my own house. i also used to be a mechanic and would love to share my skills around the city . i am very friendly and love to meet new people

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Re: General Whitelist Application

Post by OnyxEye » Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:42 am

Added to general whitelist.

Please be sure to read over the rules and player's guide. We also remove those that are not active, we look for loyal consistent players.

You can find the CAD civilian permission key pinned in the #kuffs-fivem-server channel of our Discord. After that you can set up your character appearance(s) in the F9 MP Character menu and get the info entered into the CAD.

Welcome to the server!
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