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Skyler Fire/EMS App

Post by Skylerthegamer58 » Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:03 pm

1. Your Steam Name: skylethegamer58

2. Your Steam Profile URL:

3. Your Discord Display Name: Skylerthegamer58 in Kuffs discord

4. Your RL Age: 13

5. Your KUFFS vRP Database ID number (next to your name in the HOME button player list):450

6. Have you read the rules?yes

7. Do you agree to follow the rules?yes

8. How long have you been playing on the KUFFS FiveM server?a while I think 2 years July 31st

9. What are some of your character names on the KUFFS FiveM server? Wally Wallingford Richard Walter Earl Huckleberry

10. Have you ever been in real emergency services? Explain. No

11. Previous Roleplay Experience (explain): 2 years on Kuffs server

12. How many shifts per week can you do?
13. What days and times work best for you?
Weekdays some weekends
14. What time zone are you in? est

15. Will you be recording videos for YouTube or other video site? (link your channel, regardless. Streaming requires separate approval.) Yes my YouTube ... mi-ChL7nuw

16. What other gaming crews/FiveM servers are you currently involved in? a roblox rp group I have for those that don’t have fivem

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