Civilian Scripts, Commands, and More

As a civilian, you help to bring life to the server. Keep things realistic, but fun. Make sure you have read the rules and guidelines located HERE.

Required & Recommended Files

You can get the required/recommended files for our FiveM server HERE.


Once you have been added to the whitelist for the sever, you’ll need to enter your character(s) information in the CAD. If you have any issues, post in the #help-advice channel in the KUFFS Discord.

Some super important things to remember:

  • You CANNOT use any client side trainers, cheats, or hacks in our server.
  • In-Game Voice is set by the server, and is necessary for interaction with other players.
  • Bad mic quality can ruin videos, you may lose your spot on the server if this isn’t corrected.
  • Population Density should be set to the lowest setting.
  • If you have been injured to the point that EMS must perform CPR on you, you shouldn’t be talking. If you are talking, EMS will revive, assess your injuries, and transport if necessary.
  • If EMS performs CPR and you cannot be revived on scene, you will be auto revived and transported. If you want your character to remain dead and be picked up by the coroner, then you must type “/me is dead” in the chat (without quotes).
  • Make sure you give the medics some good information to use during roleplay. For example, if they emote or say that they’re checking your pulse, please enter /do has a weak pulse or /do has no pulse or something along those lines so they know what they’re dealing with. Same for checking for injuries, you would need to enter /do has a broken leg or /do has a single gunshot wound through their leg or /do head injury so that medics know how you plan your character’s injuries to be assessed and treated.


If you are not an approved LEO/EMS/FIRE, then you must stick to civilian vehicles and peds. Applications are required for LEO/EMS/FIRE. KEEP THINGS REALISTIC! Rarely is there a need to use sticky bombs, rocket launchers, shoot from the vehicle, or lead police on a chase around the whole map. If you over-do it too often, you may find yourself removed from the server. Keep in mind that there may be limited law enforcement coverage in the server at times. With multiple civilians trying to run major events at once, it’s impossible for officers to respond to some things. Be mindful of others and try to work together to make sure everyone gets a chance to play out their roleplay scenarios when possible. Keep major events limited to one at a time until completely played out. DO NOT inject yourself into other people’s roleplay unless it makes sense. Constantly trying to be the center of attention is a quick way to get kicked and/or banned. You are NOT permitted to roleplay as a “reporter” just to inject into other roleplay. This job requires permission from the admins.

In-Game Voice Chat

For most interactions, you’ll use in-game voice chat. Here are some key things to know.

Push to Talk Key is N on the keyboard. Hold it down to speak if you have Push-To-Talk turned on in your settings. MUST be on push to talk if you have a lot of background noise.

Change voice distance – PAGEUP on keyboard will cycle through the various ranges. The microphone icon on the bottom of your HUD will change colors.
Blue = Whisper/Short Range
Green = Normal Range
Red = Shout/Long Range

Civilian Menu (F7) by Fiskey111

To access the Civilian Menu, press F7 on your keyboard. You’ll have several options here to choose from.

  1. Play Scenario – These are pre-programmed animations you can have your character to perform. Start them by choosing the one you want and pressing ENTER. To stop the animation, choose Stop Scenario and press ENTER.
  2. Break Vehicle – While in a vehicle, you can choose this option to do random things to your vehicle. Sometimes it’s a blown tire, sometimes the engine fails, etc. You can then request a repair service player and roleplay getting your vehicle towed and/or repaired. Can also be used to end a pursuit with police if you want.
  3. Fire Menu – When fire department players are on and available, you can use this option to set a fire in a location, or set your vehicle on fire if you’re in one.
    • Check FF Availability – Checks to see if any available fire players are online. If there are none online or they are currently busy on another call, the fire menu will not allow you to do anything.
    • Radius of Fire(s) – This sets the radius for the fire location you are setting. Max is 14.
    • Number of Fires – This is how many actual fire points are spawned. Max is 9.
    • Fire Size – This is how large the fires are. Max is 2.5.
    • Once the radius, number, and size are set, select Spawn Fire and press ENTER. This will then spawn the fire(s) and notify the closest available fire player(s).
    • If you want to set a vehicle on fire, choose Set Vehicle on Fire while in the vehicle and press ENTER. This will set the vehicle on fire and notify the closest available fire player(s).

Vehicle Indicators (Blinkers/Flashers)

  • To signal left, press LEFT ARROW on the keyboard.
  • To signal right, press RIGHT ARROW on the keyboard.
  • To turn flashers on/off, press UP ARROW on the keyboard.

Cruise Control

  • To turn cruise control on, press DOWN ARROW on the keyboard.
  • This is a speed limiter, meaning you turn cruise on when you reach the speed you want to set it at.
  • You can still slow down and stop like you normally would with S on the keyboard or left trigger on the controller. When you speed back up, if cruise is still turned on, you will not accelerate anymore after you reach the limit you set.
  • To turn off cruise control, just press DOWN ARROW on the keyboard again.

Access Vehicle Options

  • Press F1 on the keyboard and scroll up or down to Vehicle Options.
  • You can open your trunk to access the inventory and various other options here.
  • This will only work on vehicles the vRP system recognizes as being owned by you.
  • /engine command in chat will toggle your engine on/off while in the driver’s seat.
  • Seatbelt can put toggled on/off with PageDown on the keyboard.
  • Cruise control can be toggled on/off with Z on the keyboard. (It’s a little wonky, though.)

Boat Trailer Script

  • Make sure you have a vehicle with a visible tow hitch on it.
  • Get out of the vehicle, move to an open area for the trailer to spawn.
  • Type “/boat trailer” (without quotes) in the chat box and press enter.
  • The boat trailer will spawn in front of you.
  • This script will only work with boat trailers you spawn this way, and not all boats will fit on the trailer.
  • Back up your truck to the hitch to attach it.
  • To put a boat ON the trailer, walk up to the boat and enter “/boat on” (without quotes) in the chat.
  • To take a boat OFF the trailer, back the trailer up near the water, or a little in it and type “/boat off” (without quotes) in the chat.
  • The script will get confused if other people are too close trying to control boat trailers. Distance yourselves.
  • To “anchor” your boat in the water, get out of the driver’s seat, but stay IN the boat. Press L on the keyboard. Pressing L again will raise the anchor.

Car Trailer Script

  • Make sure you have a vehicle with a visible tow hitch on it.
  • Get out of the vehicle, move to an open area for the trailer to spawn.
  • Type “/cartrailer” (without quotes) in the chat box and press enter.
  • The car trailer will spawn in front of you.
  • Back up your truck to the hitch to attach it.
  • To put a vehicle ON the trailer, walk up to face the trailer and enter “/haul” (without quotes) in the chat.
  • You will then have to look at the trailer, and when the yellow marker appears, press HOME on your keyboard.
  • Then look at the vehicle you want to put on the trailer, and when the yellow marker appears, press HOME on your keyboard.
  • If you’re satisfied that you’ve marked the trailer and vehicle, enter /haul in chat to attach it.
  • The script may get confused if other people are too close trying to control cartrailers. Distance yourselves.
  • The cartrailer has ramps as an extra. You can “enter” the trailer like you would a car to sit on the front of it, access the F9 menu vehicle options and turn the ramps on. Due to how the vehicles must attach, you can’t drive one up on it and attach it, unfortunately, the ramps are for show, mainly.

Spawn Trailers for Roleplay

In order to help add to some roleplay possibilities, you can now spawn some trailers with a text chat command.

  • Small Trailer (sometimes open trailer, sometimes generator trailer, it’s random in GTA) – Use /smalltrailer in chat.
  • Car Trailer – Use /cartrailer in chat.

How to Put Your Hands Up

  • Press and hold X to put your hands up. Release X to put them down.
  • You can walk around with hands up, now. But keep it realistic.

How to Kneel With Your Hands On Your Head

  • Press “T” on the keyboard to open the chat box.
  • Type “/k” (without quotes) in the chat box to get down on your knees and put your hands on your head.
  • Type “/k” (without quotes) in the chat box to get back up.

Interacting with Wheelchairs

  • To sit in a wheelchair, look at it so you see “Press E to Sit” (you may have to position your ped and your camera just right for this to work), then press E on your keyboard to sit in it. Get back out of it by pressing X on your keyboard.

Interacting with Ambulance Stretchers

  • To interact with the stretcher when on a medical scene, stand near it until you see the prompt to press E to “interact with stretcher”. A menu will open giving you various options to sit or lay on it, as well as stand back up.
  • Medics can load someone who is on the stretcher into the back of the ambulance for transport to the hospital. Please make sure you give them some context to roleplay with on scene using the /do or /me text chat.

How to Contact 911/311

First, you should check if a Dispatcher or other emergency services are online. You can do that by pressing the HOME button your keyboard and looking for the Dispatcher job or a law enforcement or a fire/ems job next to someone’s name. It looks like this: Once you’ve determined that a Dispatcher or emergency personnel are online, you have two options here:

  1. PREFERRED METHOD: Use the /911 chat command to send an emergency call to the CAD. The dispatcher will then call you using the in-game voice call feature IF more information is needed. You must press N while talking in the in-game phone. They may also send you a private message in the F9 menu. Please be sure to respond with the information they request.Correct format: “/911 Help! A lady is choking on a ham sandwich at grid 211!” (without the quotes). You will then get confirmation in chat that your call was sent like this:

    This should also log your grid location and street/cross street in the notification sent to the dispatcher in the CAD.
  2. Another method is to use the CAD to send a 911 call. You can do this my logging into the CAD at and choosing the Civilian tab. Then choose the character you are currently using from your characters drop down list.
    You can then press the 911 Button to submit call information.
    Once you press that button, another window will open to enter the call information. In the CALL TYPE dropdown, choose whether it is an emergency or non-emergency call, then fill out the information needed. Be SURE to put the grid number and street name in the location block and give detailed information in the Description block.

Please keep in mind that emergency services may be tied up on other calls when yours comes in. Calls are responded to in order of severity or order they’re listed in the CAD. Please be patient and don’t send multiple calls.

For NON-EMERGENCIES, the process is basically the same. The text chat command for non-emergencies is /311 and then the information you want to send. In the CAD, press the 911 button as explained above, but choose Civil as your call type and fill out the rest as explained above.

If there are no Dispatchers or emergency services online, then you hopefully have some Crylinol in your inventory to get back up, or you can /twt (Send a Twit on Twittle) to see if a good Samaritan will come help you. You can buy Crylinol at the drug stores shown on the map with a pill icon.

Telephone Voice Calls and Text Messages

To use the telephone voice calls:

  • Open the main menu by pressing F1 on the keyboard.
  • Choose “Call Player”.
  • Pick the player you wish to call from the list.
  • The player then accepts the call by pressing + on the numpad or declines the call by pressing – on the numpad. Calls will also time out if no selection is made in the time frame.
  • To talk, press and hold N on the keyboard, release when done talking.
  • To end the call, press F1 for the main menu and choose “Call Player, End Call”

To send a text message:

  • Open the main menu by pressing F1 on the keyboard.
  • Choose “SMS Player”.
  • Pick the player you wish to text from the list.
  • Type your message and press TAB.
  • The message is then sent.
  • The other player can reply using the same method.

Give Money to Another Player

Use the Main Menu (F1) to do this by choosing Give Money.

Give Item(s) to Another Player

  • Press F1 and scroll to Inventory.
  • Select the item you want to give to the nearest player and press ENTER.
  • Choose the GIVE option and press ENTER.
  • Enter the quantity in the pop up box and press TAB.

Show Your ID to an Officer

When approached by an officer at a traffic stop or other situation, you may be asked to show identification. We now have a menu system in place for doing just this so you no longer have to be asked “How do you pronounce that name?” You should plan out your character and their name prior to beginning roleplay, so things go more smoothly. Make sure your character(s) are entered into the CAD! You can use this website to generate names if you need a little help with name ideas:

  • Press F7
  • Choose Civilian
  • Choose “Show ID”
  • Enter your First and Last Name in the box. It will display your name exactly as you typed it (including caps and spaces) and a randomly assigned driver’s license number.

Getting Your Damaged Vehicle Repaired

  • If a mechanic player is online, you can use the F1 menu/Phone to request repair services.
  • For a temporary fix, you can type /repair in the chat while in your car (but this is a very temporary bandage).
  • Proceed to an area on the map with the mechanic symbol (crossed screwdriver and wrench) and type /repair in the chat while sitting in your vehicle.

How to Remove A Mistakenly Spawned or Destroyed Vehicle

  • Enter the vehicle or stand up next to it.
  • Press “T” on the keyboard to open the chat box.
  • Type “/dv” (without quotes) in the chat box and press enter.
  • Vehicle will be deleted.
  • There is also an option in the vMenu (F9) to delete your vehicle, if you’re in it.
  • This should now work with destroyed vehicles, as well as trailers, boats, and planes, etc. It’s a little picky sometimes, so getting in the right position is key.

DO NOT delete a vehicle just to try to hide from police, you will be banned. Vehicles should only be deleted after any roleplay is fully completed.


Our server includes the F6, F7, F9 menu and Main Menu (F1) for choosing animations. You can also use /dance1 through /dance99 commands in chat to play different dance animations. To stop them, use the F1->Emote->Clear option. You can use “/e help” in chat to get a list of chat command animations you can perform such as “/e smoke” (to smoke a cigarette).

Type “/e ” in front of the emote and it will play. Entering “/e stop” should stop the animations, if not, enter the same emote command again to turn it off. You can also force end any animation with the F1>Emotes>Clear function. If you use one that has a prop attached, you should be able to use “/e stuckprop” to remove the prop if it seems to be stuck to your character after the animation has been stopped. Emote choices: chair, salute, finger, finger2, phonecall, facepalm, notes, brief, brief2, foldarms, foldarms2, damn, fail, gang1, gang2, no, pickbutt, grabcrotch, peace, cigar, cigar2, joint, cig, holdcigar, holdcig, holdjoint, dead, holster, aim, aim2, slowclap, box, cheer, bum, leanwall, copcrowd, copcrowd2, copidle, shotbar, drunkbaridle, djidle, djidle2, fdance1, fdance2, mdance1, mdance2, smoke, cop, inv, lean, sit, cell, sunb2, sunb, medic, mech, clip, party, kneel, tick, weed, imp, fish, weld, pic, film, cheer, bino, flex, lift, bin, music, wash, hook1, hook2, crowd, hammer, leaf, plant, traffic, jack, drink, sweep, hero, tmap, tmob, bbq, cart, atm, coffee, sign, bath, drug, drug2, hang, jog, push, imp2, camp, shop, yoga So you would enter “/e coffee” for example to start drinking coffee. Enter the same command again to stop the animation. If the prop doesn’t go away, enter “/e stuckprop”, if that doesn’t work, enter “/e coffee” to take out a coffee cup, and again to make it go away.

Other Text Emotes (/me command)

To use a text emote, type /me, followed by whatever roleplay emote you’re wanting to get across. /me scratches his head, would show up as PlayerName: scratches his head, for example. (This is proximity based, so only those within 20 meters or so will see it.)

Other Text Emotes (/do command) To use a text emote, type /do, followed by whatever roleplay emote you’re wanting to get across. /do scratches his head, would show up as PlayerName: scratches his head, for example. (This is proximity based, so only those within 20 meters or so will see it.)

Regular Text Chat Text chat gets annoying fast, which is why a mic is required for roleplay. The text chat is now proximity based, so some types of chat only show to those within 20 meters or so of your character.

Twittle (/twt command) To send a twit on Twittle, type /twt then your message. Like this: “/twt Party at the beach, BYOB!” (without quotes). This will send out your twit message to others.

Out of Character Chat (/ooc command)

To ask a question or other out of character chat, type /ooc, followed by whatever message you have. “/ooc I found a glitch”, would show up as PlayerName: I found a glitch, for example. USE THIS VERY RARELY, it distracts from roleplay. It’s preferred that you use the #help-advice channel in our Discord if you don’t understand something

Scripted Jobs/Missions for Civilians

Most civilian jobs are open, except Airline Pilot, Cargo Pilot, Lawyer, Judge, Cameraman. You must be approved ahead of time to have one of these jobs. Reason being, planes with assholes flying them means chaos. Quick way to get banned. Same goes for some other important jobs, they have to be handled correctly. General Ped Guidelines and Specific Peds for Civilian Jobs We want people to have lots of options with their roleplay peds, but there are some guidelines to remember:

1. Do NOT ever spawn naked peds or topless female peds. Some people may be recording videos or streaming from the server. Most streaming/video services have rules against nudity, and you can cause those creators problems.

2. Do NOT ever use a police/fire/ems ped if you are not an approved first responder.

3. Use peds that make sense for the character you are playing.

4. Animal peds should only be used rarely, and they can easily die, leaving you in a death loop. It’s not advised that they be used.

5. You can find a good list of peds with pictures here:

Here are some specific peds that should be used for certain jobs.

  • Delivery (DubGrub): u_m_y_dubgrub_01 or s_m_y_chef_01
  • Trash Collector: s_m_y_garbage
  • Armored Car Driver (Bank Driver): s_m_m_armoured_01
  • Pilot: s_m_m_pilot_01
  • Some jobs, including the ones listed above can work well with your MP customized ped. Just make sure it makes sense. If in doubt, use one of the listed peds.
  • Some clothing options are available for certain jobs if you enter “/clothing” in chat without the quotes. In here, you’ll find various uniforms you can outfit your MP character with. Make sure you only use uniforms for jobs you are approved for. Any special jobs like “security” may be restricted.

Pet Menu

To purchase a pet, you must go to the Animal Ark out in the Harmony area. Purchase a pet, and don’t forget food for them! You can also purchase a ball to throw for them to fetch. To access the menu, Press RightControl and Y on the keyboard at the same time. As always, this server will continue to grow and have new and updated features. Stay tuned and have fun!

Being “Drunk”

If you want an interesting drunk animation (as well as horrible driving), you can type /drink in the chat. Type that command up to 3 times for increased intoxication levels. Be advised, you will be arrested by police if driving drunk.

Carry a Player On Your Shoulder

If you have a VALID roleplay reason, you can carry another player on your shoulder by being near them and entering /carry in the chat. To put them back down, enter /carry in chat again.

Carry a Player On Your Back (Piggy Back)

If you have a VALID roleplay reason, you can carry another player on your shoulder by being near them and entering /piggy in the chat. To put them back down, enter /piggy in chat again.

Report Problem Players To Admins

If you encounter a problem player, meaning they are breaking the rules and/or disrupting roleplay, you can do so by typing /report [ID] [reason] in chat, without the brackets. You can get a player’s ID from the F9/Online Player’s menu option. For example: /report 23 Random player killing (this would send a report on player #23 for “Random player killing”. Please don’t abuse this by reporting people just because you wanna be an asshole. It might backfire on you.