Leo applicatoin by rohi

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Leo applicatoin by rohi

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1. Your Steam Name: It's currently Rohi but ill change it to jeff jefferson

2. Your Steam Profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198804246063/

3. Your Discord Display Name: rohi

4. Your RL Age: 16

5. Your KUFFS vRP Database ID Number (number to left of your name in the HOME button player list when logged into the server): cant finde it idk were it is

6. Have you read the rules? Yes

7. Do you agree to follow the rules? Yes

8. How long have you been playing on the KUFFS FiveM server? About 2 years

9. What are some of your character names on the KUFFS FiveM server? i dont have one but iam thinking making one for civ and leo my leo one is jeff jefferson, My civ one is Vladimir DImitri the 1st

10. Which department would you prefer playing in? (Choose Los Santos Metropolitan Police, Highway Patrol, San Andreas County Sheriff's Department, or Dispatch: Highway Patrol

11. Have you ever been in real life law enforcement? No

12. Previous Roleplay Experience (explain): in your server no but i have some as leo civ and fd

13. How many shifts per week can you do? Well i have some irl stuff school. Well i think like 3 a week

14. What days and times work best for you? Lets say weekends plus friday

15. What time zone are you in? Iam now in croatia so thats gmt+1

16. Will you be recording videos for YouTube or other video site? (if yes, link your channel, streaming requires separate approval. Yes But i dont have approval
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Re: Leo applicatoin by rohi

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8. How long have you been playing on the KUFFS FiveM server? About 2 years
There's no way you've been playing on the KUFFS server for 2 years because you aren't even on the general whitelist. You also don't apply straight to LEO/Fire/EMS, and those applications are closed.

Denied for false information on the application.
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