law enforcement

Applications which have been DENIED for LEO are stored here.
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law enforcement

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Your Steam Name:Nickem10
Your Steam Profile URL:[https:
Your Discord Display Name:Nickem10#1230
Your Age:[22]
Have you read the rules?[Yes]
Do you agree to follow the rules?Yes]
How long have you been playing on the KUFFS FiveM server?[20days]
Which department would you prefer playing in? (Choose Los Santos Metropolitan Police, Highway Patrol, Blaine County Sheriff's Department, or Dispatch)[Highway Patrol, but willing to go wherever the need.]
Have you ever been in real life law enforcement?[no]
Previous Roleplay Experience (explain):[Yes, I role-play on a platform called Second Life. It is more detailed but same concept of police role-play. I also use to play online with friends on GTA IV when LSPDFR mod was allowed.]
How many shifts per week can you do?[Three or more depending on the day or time.]
What days and times work best for you?[Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday after 5pm / All other days after 12am.
What time zone are you in?[Eastern Standard Time]
Will you be recording videos for YouTube or other video site? (yes.]
What other gaming crews/FiveM servers are you currently involved in?[This is the only I use,]
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Re: law enforcement

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DENIED for falsification of application.

There's several problems here:
1. You have NOT played on the KUFFS FiveM server for 20 days because you aren't even whitelisted to be able to log in to our server.
2. Even if you were, 20 days is nowhere near enough time to qualify for an LEO position.
3. You did not include the vRP ID number that is required.
4. Nobody goes straight to LEO on our server.
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