README: Firefighter/EMS Application Form

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README: Firefighter/EMS Application Form

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In order to be considered for a Firefighter/EMS position, you MUST meet the following Requirements before an application will be viewed/considered:

- Minimum 16 Years of Age at time of application
- Have joined the KuffsGaming Discord:
- Have a microphone that works well and is adjusted properly
- Have attended a minimum of 5 community RP nights as a civilian within a 30 day period. (Tues and Sat nights at 9PM EST) *Attendance is tracked through a player logging system, and more time may be needed.

Until these requirements have been sufficiently met, Any applications for whitelisted jobs will not be considered.

Fire/EMS players can no longer cross-train for any LEO positions it's either Fire/EMS or LEO, not both.

You should be available at least 2 days per week to help keep the server decently populated with First Responders. You will be required to go through training with your assigned FTO.

Your attendance, loyalty to the server, and participation in our events WILL be tracked. Lack of any of these may result in your position being revoked.

Those holding whitelisted jobs of LEO, Fire/EMS, and Coroner cannot hold those positions unless the KUFFS FiveM server is the ONLY FiveM server they are part of. Dispatch is excluded from this requirement but attendance and participation will be monitored.

Please note that due to IRL commitments, and the applicant requirements; Applications will usually be reviewed at the end of each month. First Responder Training for approved applicants will be scheduled within the following month. Training info will be given to approved applicants when they've been scheduled for training.

Newly approved cadets are assigned a probationary rank and will be trained by the ranking officers in their primary department. You are not guaranteed your requested department, you may be assigned elsewhere to keep departments balanced, and may need to temporarily swap departments from time to time based on Dispatcher's needs & server population.

Copy/paste the following code and fill out the requested information as a NEW TOPIC in THIS FORUM:

Code: Select all

[b]1. Your Steam Name:[/b] 

[b]2. Your Steam Profile URL:[/b] 

[b]3. Your Discord Display Name:[/b] 

[b]4. Your RL Age:[/b] 

[b]5. Your KUFFS vRP Database ID number (next to your name in the HOME button player list):[/b] 

[b]6. Have you read the rules?[/b] 

[b]7. Do you agree to follow the rules?[/b] 

[b]8. How long have you been playing on the KUFFS FiveM server?[/b] 

[b]9. What are some of your character names on the KUFFS FiveM server?[/b] 

[b]10. Have you ever been in real emergency services? Explain.[/b] 

[b]11. Previous Roleplay Experience (explain):[/b] 

[b]12. How many shifts per week can you do?[/b] 

[b]13. What days and times work best for you?[/b] 

[b]14. What time zone are you in?[/b] 

[b]15. Will you be recording videos for YouTube or other video site? (link your channel, regardless. Streaming requires separate approval.)[/b] 

[b]16. What other gaming crews/FiveM servers are you currently involved in?[/b] 
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