Firefighter Application - ryanzombiekiller

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Firefighter Application - ryanzombiekiller

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Your Steam Name:ryanzombiekiller
Your Steam Profile URL:
Your Discord Display Name:w. slaughter
Your Age:46
Have you read the rules?Yes
Do you agree to follow the rules?Yes
Which area would you prefer playing in? (fire and paramedics may move around a lot more than law enforcement, as needed)Fire
Have you ever been in real emergency services?Yes
Previous Roleplay Experience (explain):None
How many shifts per week can you do?2
[b]What days and times work best for you?Any days after 9 PM EST time
[b]What time zone are you in?Eastern
[b]Will you be recording videos for YouTube or other video site? (if yes, link your channel)No
[b]What other gaming crews/FiveM servers are you currently involved in?None
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Re: Firefighter Application - ryanzombiekiller

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Application approved for probationary status. Forum group updated to Civilian - Probationary. Discord role updated to KUFFS Community Member.

Please keep in mind, you must have everything working and ready for Thursday tryouts. You must attend and pass a tryout session within the next 2 Thursday nights. Please do not be late unless you have made prior arrangements, we start at 8pm Central US time, promptly.

Visit the Required & Recommended Files section of the forum to insure that you have everything needed and that you are able to connect to the server. Brush up on all of the rules, civilian information, etc., and come up with some good characters, character names, and simple, but decent roleplay to do.

Since you applied as Firefighter, once you have passed a tryout session, you must roleplay as a civilian until the next tryout/training session. The next Thursday night session, you will be assigned to your field training officer (FTO) for training as a Firefighter. If you need to schedule something different, let me know, since I'm the FTO for fire.

If you have any questions, or problems connecting, please reach out to us in the KUFFS Discord at
OnyxEye (Rocket City Gamerz)

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