Airline Pilot Application

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Airline Pilot Application

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1. Your Steam Name:[Tonydet313]

2. Your Steam Profile URL:[ ]

3. Your Discord Display Name:[Tonydet313]

4. Your RL Age:[33]

5. Have you read the server rules?[Yes]

6. Do you agree to follow those rules?[Yes]

7. Previous Roleplay Experience (explain):[Been with Kuffs for close to 9 months and I have roleplayed on a site called Second Life for many years]

8. How long have you been playing on the KUFFS FiveM server?[Close to 9 months]

9. What are some of your character names on the KUFFS FiveM server?[Chino Fields, Mike Fields, James Smith]

10. What time zone are you in?[Eastern]

11. Will you be recording videos for YouTube or other video site? (if yes, link your channel. Streaming requires separate approval.)[No]

12. What whitelisted civilian job are you applying for?[Airline Pilot]
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Re: Airline Pilot Application

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Application approved.

Please watch your Discord DM's for info.
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