Whitelist Request

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Whitelist Request

Post by Nitro »

Your Steam Name: twaite3177
Your Steam Profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/twaitekcso/
Your Discord Display Name: KSO3177
Your RL Age: 28
Have you read the server rules? Yes
Do you agree to follow those rules? Yes
Previous Roleplay Experience (EXPLAIN): No but I currently work for a Sheriffs Department
What is your KUFFS vRP Database ID number? (This number should show in the "You're not whitelisted" message when you tried joining the server.] 4680
Link your YouTube, Twitch, DLive, Facebook, etc video channels. (separate by commas, put NONE if you don't publish videos or stream. NOTE: You must pass a separate approval process to stream from our server.) I dont have a youtube channel
Give us the backstory/plans and name for AT LEAST one of your characters you would plan to play on the KUFFS FiveM server? (Make this count, it will decide approval/denial) I have been watching yall's servers on Youtube and I really enjoy the roleplay aspect in your servers. I believe thats the best way to play the game. I would love to be accepted as a LEO or Dispatcher as I have a background in Law Enforcement and Firefighting, My character name would be Wyatt whether I get accepted as a LEO or not I would still play the game as it is meant to played and not screw stuff up. Thank you for taking the time and reviewing my application. Have a great day
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Re: Whitelist Request

Post by OnyxEye »

Approved for general whitelist. Added to KUFFS Community Member role in Discord.

Be sure to sign up on the CAD and get your character(s) added. http://cad.kuffsgaming.com
The permission key is pinned in and in the description of the kuffs-fivem-server channel in our Discord.

Player's guide is a good resource to refer to when getting started and as needed. Remember everybody starts as civilian for quite a while.

Welcome to the server! Hope to see you on there soon!
OnyxEye (Rocket City Gamerz)

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