Bank Driver

SALARY $200 (receive up to $500 for each completed mission delivery)

JOB PED: s_m_m_armoured_01

Responsible for moving money between the banks and businesses around San Andreas. Don’t worry, This money is not robbable by other players – You can still be robbed for and personal money/items in Your possession, but the bank’s money is safe. You will be provided with a uniform and assigned a fully equipped armored truck complete with AC, WiFi, and a state of the art vehicle tracking system just in case.

NOTE: This is an UN-Armed guard position unless you’ve been trained and certified with a firearm. Once you have chosen this job and completed state firearm training and certification, You’ll need to head to the Bank Driver job Marker and go on duty.

*Ensure You’ve switched to the Proper Job Ped prior to engaging in your work*

Next, Head to the Pacific bank in Vinewood and enter the Bank garage marker. Buy an armored money truck from the garage (its free). Then Access it from the garage. After You’ve gotten your proper ped and vehicle, head inside the bank front doors into the appropriate marker and then follow the prompts to receive the money you’ll need to deliver. During your work shift, you can return to the bank to replenish your bank bags as missions request it.

Remember, This money is not robbable by other players – You can still be mugged, but the bank’s money is safe. After collecting the money, head outside and hop in your truck and head to the first drop off. Follow the prompts upon delivery. New missions are offered every 10 minutes after completion. To skip/cancel a mission, Press the [F1] Key and select ‘Cancel Mission’ from the menu. This will skip the current mission and remove the Yellow GPS delivery route until the next mission comes in.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: DO NOT Enter a Money drop off point while in a vehicle. ALWAYS Enter a drop-off point on foot. The animation played upon drop off will cause your truck to drive wildly out of your control for approx 30 seconds. Ignorance is no excuse – the police will arrest and charge you for the accident(s) caused by this glitch same as if You did it on purpose In Case of Trouble, You are permitted to utilize Your emergency evasion training to escape potential danger. In this case, the police must be notified immediately via the phone in your player menu. Failure to report trouble to the authorities and cooperate completely may result in criminal charges and fines.