Bus Driver Job

Want to pick up folks at the bus stations and bring them to their destination? You’re in luck! The city of Los Santos is currently hiring bus drivers!

To obtain this job, find transportation to postal 382 at the job center and select the Bus Driver job.

Once you’ve selected the job, you’ll need to take transportation to postal 207 where you’ll see a red bus icon on your map.

Once you have reached postal 207, go to the parking lot where the red icon appears and you should get a prompt to choose a bus. Once you’ve selected your bus, you’ll spawn inside the bus and it will show you on your minimap where your first client is waiting.

You do not pay a deposit for the bus, so do not worry about that.

Once you reach the client’s destination, follow the prompt to pick them up. You get paid for picking up the client, not dropping them off. However, make sure you drop them off at their next destination or you will not be able to return the bus to postal 207. So, follow through with picking them up and dropping them off.

There is no set amount of stops you need to take. You can continue picking up and dropping off until you decide to clock out. Once you return the bus, you can continue on doing whatever you need to in the city.

Have fun and wear that seatbelt!