Business Owner

(Convenience Store, Ammunation, Bar/Club, Restaurant, Gas Station)

Our server now features a business ownership system, where you can purchase, manage, and profit from various business in the state. You are only allowed to own one store, Ammunation, Bar/Club, or Restaurant. You can also own one gas station. If your convenience store also has a gas station, you can own both, or take on a partner own one while you own the other.

Locations cost $50,000 to purchase. For businesses with an interior, there should be a red arrow marker near a computer in the office or possibly a cash register, depending on what we had to work with for that location. You press E there to buy the business. If it’s already owned, you’ll get a message to that effect on the screen and won’t be able to purchase it. All functions for your business are managed from this marker.

Once you have purchased your business, you need to stock it up. All player owned business locations start out with absolutely zero stock. You can stock up your business by ordering and picking up products yourself, or creating delivery jobs for other players to take.

You can upgrade certain aspects of your store if you want to invest more money in those upgrades. For example, you can upgrade your inventory maximum, your truck size (more items per order/delivery), and your relationship with suppliers. You do NOT get any money back from selling your business, except $45,000. All other investments are lost, as well as any remaining inventory.

You can set your own item/fuel prices. But keep in mind, players may go to another location if your products are over priced.

WARNING: Low inventory. If you allow your store, restaurant, Ammunation, or bar/club fall below 50% item selection variety or below 25% inventory stock, your business will automatically be considered abandoned after 14 days. It will then be repossessed by the city and be put back up for purchase by another player. For gas stations, the repo happens after 14 days of having below 25% fuel stock. There’s no re-imbursement for this if it happens to you, and there’s no way for us to exclude players that may be away for a while, regardless of reason.