Civilian Jobs Requiring Applications/Approval

Currently, There are some civilian jobs that require an application and preapproval by server administrator prior to beginning work – Airline Pilot, Cargo Pilot are two of them. Once approved, You will receive detailed job information including SAFA airspace regulations, and trade/flight routes and must pass a flight test in order to work as a pilot.

Other jobs requiring application approval: Lawyer, Security Officer, Tow/Mechanic, Landscaper.

To apply, head on over to our application forum section (linked below), register, follow the instructions and submit the appropriate application for the position you are applying for. New members will not see their posts. To cut down on spam, new members posts have to be approved by a forum admin.

Applications are reviewed periodically and once reviewed your application will be replied to by an admin with instructions on how to proceed. SUBMIT APPLICATIONS for whitelisted jobs in our Discord under the #civilian-job-requests channel.

Some clothing options are available for certain jobs if you enter “/clothing” in chat without the quotes. In here, you’ll find various uniforms you can outfit your MP character with. Make sure you only use uniforms for jobs you are approved for. Any special jobs like “security” may be restricted.