Cleaning Job – UberCleans

The world is a messy place. And so are these client locations! But somebody has to clean this stuff up. Looking for some extra contract work to earn some extra money? Maybe this is just what you’re looking for.

Visit the computer at postal 224, it’s upstairs in the manger’s office. Walk in the marker, press E to start work and we’ll find you a messy ass place to clean right up! Each time you finish a job, we’ll send you another. When you’re done for the day, just come back to the office and clock out.

You’ll need to use your own vehicle for this, it’s contract work, and we don’t pay mileage or re-imburse gas expenses.

Once you have a job, get in your vehicle and go to the GPS marked location. Look for the marker and head inside. The materials you need are already provided by the client.

You will be given text instructions on the bottom of your screen. Use the 3rd eye to pick up the mop or trash bag and start working.

When holding the mop, find spills or stains on the floor and press G to mop them. Some may take more than one time mopping to clean up.

When holding the trash bag, find highlighted trash items and pick them up with 3rd eye.

Once you have finished using either the mop, or the trash bag, return them to where you got them.

Once all cleaning is done, you can leave the apartment. If you only did half-ass work and missed things, you’ll only get partial pay for that location.

You will be given another place to clean once you leave your current location. If you want to stop working, return to the office computer and clock out.

Occasionally, you may see valuables laying around. This is where you have reached a fork in the road. Do you take it and leave, or do you leave it alone like a good citizen would? If you decide to steal it, you can sell it at to a fence for cash. But you might get spotted by hidden cameras and end up with the law on your ass. So the choice is yours. This fork in the road could change the course of your life.