Daily Activities

Looking to stay busy, help the citizens of San Andreas, and make a little extra cash at the same time?

Maybe you should look into the many folks around the state that need help doing little tasks. These tasks can range from helping them deliver items, helping them recruit people, exercising with them, helping them do illegal things, and more!

There’s always something interesting to do around the state. You just gotta look. There are folks with a blue waving person icon on the map that need your help! When you get near the local, there should be a floating question mark above their head.

If you really want to challenge yourself, be sure to visit Jesse at 382 Alta Street. He has some daily milestones for even more rewards. He’ll also let you know how you rate against other helpful citizens. Interact with him by pressing E on the keyboard.

Most interactions with those with tasks for you are done with E on the keyboard. Occasionally, you’ll finish up some tasks with Y on the keyboard. For delivery style missions where a vehicle is given to use, when you get to the first delivery location, go to the rear of the vehicle and press E to get the package from the trunk. Then walk up to the customer and press E to deliver it.

You won’t always get a route to the other delivery locations. But they’re marked with yellow boxed question marks on the map. You’ll have to complete them all before you can finish the entire task.

Once you finish the entire task given to you by the local, return to them to complete and get your reward.

As said previously, there are loads of different locals just waiting for your help. So get to it, good citizen! And don’t get arrested if you decide to take some of the “less than legal” tasks.