Delivery Driver (DubGrub)

Salary $200 + Tips from completed deliveries

JOB PED: u_m_y_dubgrub_01

Responsible for providing item delivery to customers of DubGrub. Players can contact you and request delivery of food, drinks & alcohol. You will purchase the requested items for them from local markets and restaurants and then deliver to their homes and businesses. You, of course, RP the transactions with players. DubGrub charges 20% of the total order, plus a $5 delivery charge. Tips are additional.

Example: Customer order of 2 Chicken Pot Pie and two bottles of water is $10 + 20% + delivery Charge – Total delivery cost to the customer is $17 + tip.

Once You’ve selected the Delivery Driver job at the Chamber of Commerce, Head over to Elgin Avenue and access the delivery driver garage and buy The DUBGRUB delivery truck (Don’t worry It is free).

Once ‘On duty’ You will receive new NPC orders every 10 minutes and Orders from other players as requested. You’ll need to advertise to the other players so they know You are accepting orders.

To advertise to other players, post an advertisement in the game for all to see by pressing the [F1] key, and going to Phone>announcement>commercial and typing your message. Please keep it short, relevant and appropriate. Using the announcement feature to advertise your business costs $100 each time. Example:  DUBGRUB Now Open! – Let Us Fetch Your Food – TEXT (player phone #) Now!

Additional NPC missions will be offered every 10 minutes. To fulfil these, simply purchase the requested items at the store, head to the blip on the map and walk into the marker. The items requested will be removed from your inventory and money is given to you automatically, no muss no fuss.

When you’re done working, be sure to store your work vehicle back in the Delivery driver garage.