Delivery Truck Driver (Box Trucks)

To start the box truck job, you’ll need to take transportation to the job center at postal 382 and select the Trucking job.

Once the trucking job has been selected, you’ll need to take transportation down to postal 39 to pick up your box truck. You should see two yellow icons on your map regarding the job.

Walk up to the red arrow inside Walker Logistics (the building at postal 39) to select your truck. It does not matter which truck you choose. You will pay a $125 deposit to get your truck.

Note: you will receive your box truck deposit back if you accidentally drive back into the marker to store the truck. You should also receive it back no matter how many deliveries you do.

Once you have spawned your box truck, drive out of the building. You should see a blue line on your mini map that will direct you to your first stop. Drive to your first location with a blue dot.

Once you have arrived, look for a red arrow on the ground. You will need to take boxes out of the back of the truck to deliver to that red arrow.

You do not need to pick up boxes anywhere on the map, they will appear in the back of your truck once you reach your destination.

To take out boxes, go to the back of your truck. Use your third eye (Left Alt on keyboard) to select the option that says “Toggle Trunk.” Right click on that option to lower the ramp in the back of the truck. Walk into the back of the truck and hit “E” on your keyboard to grab a box.

Once you have done so, a box will appear in your hand. Take that box to the red marker and hit “E” again. You should deliver the box to that location.

Continue doing so until all boxes have been delivered. Once you have delivered all boxes, you’ll need to use your third eye (Left Alt) to lift the ramp to your truck so it closes. Once the ramp has closed, get back into your truck, and go to your next location.

You can continue doing locations until you wish to stop and then deliver the box truck back to postal 39 when you’re ready to collect payment. All you have to do is drive the truck into the building where it originally spawned and you should instantly receive your payment.

Note: if you pick up any crypto sticks while doing deliveries, you may drop them if you don’t wish to break the law. They are considered illegal items and if law enforcement discovers them in your pocket/inventory you will get in trouble.