Delivery Truck Driver (Box Trucks)

Salary $200 + $50 per product crate from completed deliveries

Your salary is deposited directly into your bank account, but the delivery payments are paid to your carried cash wallet. Be mindful that you will need to manually deposit that money as you choose for safety.

JOB PED: should make sense for a delivery truck driver

This civilian job is responsible for providing product delivery to stores, hotels, etc. This job uses box trucks like the Mules and Bensons. They spawn with random company graphics.

Once You’ve selected the Delivery Truck Driver job at the Chamber of Commerce (Alta Street), Head over to the Fridget Warehouse on Popular Street or Mutiny Road and access the Delivery Truck Driver garage and buy the delivery truck(s) you want to use (Don’t worry they are free).

Once ‘On duty’ You will receive new NPC orders every 2 minutes. Once you have your vehicle, walk into the yellow marker to “load product crates”. You will get 10 crates per minute.

Load your crates into your truck by accessing the F1 menu near the truck, choose Vehicle/Trunk/Put and place your crates into the “truck” (back of the truck).

You can hold a ton more inventory weight in your vehicle than you can on your person, plus it enhances the roleplay to be loading and unloading the truck. Drive your truck to the requested location, take the requested number of product crates from your “trunk”, and walk into the yellow marker to complete the delivery.

You will get another new delivery request after approximately 2 minutes. If you run out of product crates, go back to one of the Fridgit Warehouses mentioned above to load more crates.

SPECIAL NOTE: When you log out or change jobs, the first mission displaying may need to be Cancelled from the F1 menu because it is still displaying the old mission, which will not truly be “active”.

When you’re done working, be sure to store your work vehicle back in the Delivery driver garage.