Want to work for Los Santos Water & Power as an electrician? Head over to postal 598 (lightning bolt icon) and talk to the guy inside the back door, to the right using the 3rd eye. The fella to the left is the pool cleaning job employer.

Once you choose to start the electrician job, there are two types of jobs available:
1. City Work – Repair electrical boxes around the city.
2. Private Work – Install fuse boxes for residential and business customers.

Once you’ve made your choice, you will then spawn in a Los Santos Water and Power box van. Follow the GPS marker to your first location. Use the third eye on the area to be installed or repaired. If you need equipment, use the 3rd eye on the passenger side center of the truck to get what’s needed.

Minigames information:
1. voltLab – You must make the number at the bottom and top match by picking circuits to connect using the arrow keys.

2. Fuse calibration – You must hold he button on the right of the spinning circuit until it matches up and fills the bar, then quickly release it while it’s matched up.

You will get shocked if you fail. Make sure to check your medical status after a shock in the F1/Citizen radial menu. You can bleed out from too many shocks and/or lose health.

If you are successful, you will have an option to do more work, or stop working and return the van to the LS Water and Power location. If you do not complete the job, you’ll need to just delete the truck with the F9 menu and re-log to force stop the work assignments.