SALARY $200 (receive up to $10 per fish sold)

JOB PED: s_m_m_linecook (or adequate customized MP ped)

The Local Fisherman position provides fresh fish for the people and businesses across the state. This career is perfect for those who enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors, traveling around the state and delivering fresh fish to your customers. The work is primarily performed on a boat on/near water, and profits are made from traveling around the state fulfilling orders for restaurants and sales to other players at the kiosk on the end of the Vespucci pier.

Job Orientation: Upon selecting the fisherman career at the chamber of commerce, Drive to one of the Gold boat Icons on the map (located in Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay, and Los Santos) purchase a Fishing boat (its free).

After You purchase your boat, Access it from the boat marina (Green Boat Icon) and drive the boat out to commercial fishing areas; indicated by blue half circles in Paleto cover and the ocean South of Los Santos and a red hook icon in the Middle of the Alamo sea.

Position Your boat over the marker, the gather menu will appear. Follow the prompts to begin fishing and gather your daily limit of the different breeds of fish. Keep the boat inside the marker to continue catching fish. If your boat drifts out of the marker before You are done gathering; simply reposition your boat back inside the marker and repeat the process until you’ve caught your limit.

*TIP* The boat anchor script will help you anchor your boat. To use the script, stop your boat in the desired location and exit the driver seat. Press the [L] key to anchor your boat. Pressing again removes the anchoring.

*TIP* The Ocean commercial fishing areas are usually rougher water and it takes patience and some skill in order to fish the deep waters.

To make the job slightly easier, carefully move your boat into position and when the gather menu appears, exit the driver’s seat and quickly anchor your boat. Then, you should be able to walk in your boat a bit to get the gather menu to appear. simply gather as normal.

You can even use the [F6] menu to employ the fishing animation while you gather for more immersion.

Once You’ve gathered Your limit, return to the nearest boat marina marker and store Your Boat.

Selling Your Catch: Random missions will appear every 10 minutes and a notification will appear in the upper right of your screen. These ‘orders’ are from businesses looking to purchase the fish You’ve caught. It’s up to you whether or not You fulfill these orders. To decline an order, Press the [F1] key, and select ‘Cancel Mission’ from the player menu – the yellow GPS delivery route will disappear until the next order comes it. To accept and fulfill, simply follow the yellow gps route to the business location, enter the marker and the transaction is automatically completed, and the money is placed in your pocket.

In addition to selling your catch at local businesses, You may also choose to sell some of Your catch to other players, creating additional opportunities for roleplay.

Caught Fish may be eaten, and therefore hold an in-game value as a source of food. There are kiosks at the End of the Vespucci pier near the Seafood restaurant where you can offer your catch to players via the inventory give the option in the player menu (Press the [F1] Key). To set up your kiosk market, post an advertisement in the game for all to see by pressing the [F1] key, and going to Phone>announcement>commercial and typing your message.

Please keep it short, relevant and appropriate. Using the announcement feature to advertise your business costs $100 each time. Example: Fishy Joe’s Market Kiosk Now Open – Get Your Fresh caught, Organic local sourced Bass, and Catfish today! Find us at the end of the Vespucci Pier!