Garbage Truck Driver

SALARY $200 (receive up to $20 per Trash bag You Deliver to the Recycling Center)

JOB PED: s_m_y_garbage_01 (or appropriately dressed multiplayer ped)

The Waste Management Truck Driver is responsible for keeping the state’s trash and recyclables in check through the collection of trash and delivering it to the LS recycling center for sorting and transport to the San Andreas State trash dump.

To accept the job and begin working: – Head over to the South L.S. Recycling Center on Alta street (green trash truck icon)
– Go up the stairs to the Yellow Marker, and select the Trash Truck job.
– Using the F9 menu, switch to the proper job ped (listed above – Navigate to Player Appearance>Spawn Ped By Name’)
– Once You’re on duty and have switched to the proper work ped, go talk to your supervisor under the overhang toward the back of the building by pressing E on the keyboard. He will plan out your route and a truck will spawn for you to use.

Once You’ve gotten into your uniform and retrieved your vehicle; head to the garbage collection points located around the map (small red garbage truck icons).

NOTE: Do NOT turn on the flashing lights while driving. This causes AI drivers to react as they would to law enforcement. You should only activate your lights if you are stopped, backing up, etc and want to provide warning that you are doing so.

At each point, there’s at least one dumpster to collect from. Walk up to it, press E to retrieve the bag. Take the bag to the rear of the truck and press E to throw it in. Do that for all dumpsters until that red trash truck icon disappears. Move on the next marker, and repeat the process.

Once completed with your route, head back to the supervisor and press E to turn in your paperwork to get paid. The truck will then despawn.

The garbage truck is also available to get in the job garage marker. Only get the vehicle here if you are just going to roleplay driving the truck on a route, but don’t want to actually get paid per bag, etc.

RP TIPS: To help with ideas for adding your own additional RP for immersion, You can create Your own collection routes by stopping at the numerous places around the state with Dumpsters, trash cans, and trash bags. The rear door of the Trash Truck opens to allow You to RP Putting collected trash at each stop in the back of the truck.

You can also utilize animations from the menus – ‘Bum Trash Dig’, and ‘ClipBoard’ work well.