Gruppe6 Security


JOB PED: s_m_m_security_01 (primary one), s_m_m_armoured_01, or s_m_m_armoured_02

Responsible for patrolling various businesses and providing uniformed security for some events/locations. You have access to one marked security patrol vehicle in your job garage. No other vehicles are permitted.

NOTE: This is an armed guard position, however, you are limited to ONLY using weapons/equipment provided in the job’s weapon shop.

This job requires that you be added to the whitelist group for it, prior to the job points, etc. working for you. You can go on duty, get your uniform, loadout, and vehicle from the following locations:

Los Santos – Alta Street
Paleto Bay – Pyrite Avenue

Once you have chosen this job and completed state firearm training and certification, You’ll need to head to one of the Security Officer job Markers and go on duty. *Ensure you’ve switched to the proper job ped prior to engaging in your work. Next, enter your job garage marker. Buy your vehicle from the garage (its free). Then access it from the garage under “owned”.

After you’ve gotten your proper ped and vehicle, head to the location you plan on providing security for (this may be assigned by server admins at times).

Remember, you are NOT law enforcement, you are a private security officer, and remain a civilian. Any people detained by you, any weapon discharge, etc. requires that you request assistance from law enforcement through your phone menu.

Screw up and break the law, and you can still find yourself in hot water.

You can NOT use your vehicle to engage in pursuits, perform traffic stops, or break traffic laws. Your lights are NOT to be activated in traffic because you do not patrol the roadways, only your specific business location(s).

In case of trouble, you are permitted to utilize your emergency evasion training to escape potential danger or to defend yourself if absolutely necessary. In these cases, the police must be notified immediately via the phone in your player menu.

Failure to report trouble to the authorities and cooperate completely may result in criminal charges and fines.