Helicopter & Airplane Cargo Pilot

Sometimes, cargo is very time sensitive. When they can’t wait on a ship, train, or truck to deliver it, customers reach out to cargo pilots to deliver it by air. That’s where you come in!

For these jobs, you will be paid between $175 and $200 every 30 minutes. You will also be paid random amounts per delivery once you return the aircraft and speak to the supervisor to get your pay slip completed. You will also pay a $1,000 deposit for the aircraft, which is refunded when you’ve returned the vehicle to the correct marker location.

WARNING: You will have to choose one of the pilot jobs from the hangar, which will change your current job in the database. Do NOT do these jobs if you have a whitelisted job with this character like with a towing company, first responder, or other business where you are “hired” and the job is set in the database or you will lose that original job.

It is highly suggested that you use the Air Traffic channel in our TeamSpeak so you can coordinate flight plans with other pilots who may be operating. This will help reduce the chance of mid-air collisions. Our TeamSpeak server information is pinned in the #kuffs-fivem-server channel in Discord.

Head down to Los Santos International Airport to the hangar marked with the two tone shield icon. If you don’t currently hold a job at all, or are in the plane/helo job, you will also see a yellow airplane and/or yellow helicopter icon there.

There are 3 locals standing inside the hangar. The one on the far left is the job picker, just like at the Job Center, where you can pick your job. The one in the middle is where you get paid after doing Airplane Cargo Pilot deliveries. The one on the far right is where you get paid after completing Helicopter Cargo Pilot deliveries. More on payment later.

Once you open the job selector, you should see the Airplane Cargo Pilot and Helicopter Cargo Pilot jobs.

You’ll need to pick either Helicopter Cargo Pilot or Airplane Cargo Pilot. The correct map icons will then display for the job you’ve chosen. The green helicopter or plane icon is where you choose from the available job aircraft to use. It’s also the spot where you will return your aircraft when you’re ready to stop working. WARNING: There is a $1,000 deposit for your aircraft. If you crash it, or fail to return it, you will not get your deposit back when you get paid for the deliveries you completed.

At the aircraft marker, press E on the keyboard to open it so you can choose the aircraft you’ll be completing deliveries with.

Use the arrow keys to select the aircraft you want. The selected one will be blue. Once you’ve decided on your aircraft, press enter to spawn the one you’ve highlighted in blue. It will spawn at that location, you should be given the keys, and be placed in the pilot’s seat. This is also the location where you will return the aircraft after completing your deliveries.

Once you’re in the aircraft, you should see a blue dot on the map for your 1st delivery. Fly to that location and land.

If you’ve landed close enough to the delivery point and exit your aircraft, you should have a E – Pick Up Cargo prompt near the rear of the aircraft. Press E there and get a box of cargo.

Walk to the drop off location and drop off the cargo there by pressing E.

Some locations will have multiple sets of cargo you need to get from your aircraft and drop off. Some will only have 1 box being delivered. You’ll need to get more cargo from your aircraft until all cargo for this location has been delivered.

Once you are given the notification that “You have delivered all cargo, on to the next point”, you’re done at this location. Get back in your aircraft and go to the next blue circle icon on your map to repeat the process. Do this until you are ready to stop, or you get the message that you have completed all delivery jobs.

Once you’ve completed all of the deliveries you want, return the aircraft to the marker at the hangar. You should receive your $1,000 deposit back at that time. Then proceed to the correct pay slip marker and press E to get paid for the completed deliveries. You can return the vehicle and get your pay for completed deliveries any time you choose, but you get bonuses after completing 5+ stops.

Other important information to be aware of: We have aircraft failure scripts in place that have a very small chance of rotor failure, engine failure, etc on your aircraft. All pilots are encouraged to purchase and be prepared to use parachutes.