Hot Dog Stand Job

Want to sell some wieners? You’re in luck! The city of Los Santos is hiring!

To obtain this job, you’ll need to take transportation to postal 382 at the job center and select the Hot Dog Stand option.

Once you have obtained this job, you’ll need to travel north of postal 200 where you’ll see the letter “H” in a circle on the map. The restaurant is called Chihuahua Hot Dogs. You’ll need to walk to the side door of Chihuahua Hot Dogs where you’ll get a prompt to start working.

Once you have followed the prompt, a hot dog cart will appear, and you will pay $250 for a deposit on the cart. Do not worry, once you return the cart, you will get your deposit back!

Press “G” on the side of the cart to start walking with the cart. Take the cart to an area of downtown Los Santos where there is a good amount of NPC foot traffic. You can only sell hot dogs to NPC’s at this time, players will not be able to buy from you.

Once you have put down your cart, you’ll need to prepare hot dogs to sell to NPC’s.

To do so, walk up behind the cart and press “E.” You will start playing a mini game. You’ll have to match each arrow, using the arrows on your keyboard. If you do it correctly, it will turn green. If not, it will turn red.

There are three kinds of hot dogs you can make. Common, Rare, and Perfect. Perfect hot dogs will earn you more money, then rare, then common. Depending on how you do on the mini game, you’ll make one of those three choices.

Make sure you prepare plenty of hot dogs before you go on duty. Once you are on duty, NPC’s will come to you and want to buy hot dogs from you.

To go on duty, select your F1 menu, then Work, then Toggle Sell. You’ll notice on your cart that it will now say “Selling” instead of “Not Selling.”

Once you are selling, NPC’s will walk up to you and give you two options. They will give you a price for either 1, 2, or 3 hot dogs that they wish to purchase. There is also an option to reject their price. Keep in mind, the more perfect hot dogs you have, the more likely chance that NPC will want a perfect hot dog. However, some may purchase your rare or common hot dogs at a lower cost. The costs are always random, so one NPC could offer you more than another.

Once you start to get low on hot dogs, make sure you go off duty in F1 so you have time to prepare more. Then you can go back on duty once you’ve made more hot dogs. You can always choose to sell all your hot dogs as well, and then walk back to Chihuahua Hot Dogs to return your cart. Once you return your cart, your hot dogs already made disappear, so only return your cart when you are done with selling.

Once you go back to that side door to Stop Working, the cart will be returned and you’ll get your deposit back. Whatever money you earn from selling hot dogs can be deposited in your bank, or you can use the money to purchase items such as food, water, etc…

Have fun selling them wieners!