Lawncare Job

So, you want to mow some lawns? Well, you’re in luck! The city of Los Santos is hiring!

For this job, you do not need to go to the job center at postal 382. You’ll need to take transportation to the green icon between Postal 556 and Postal 563.

Once you arrive in the parking lot, find the NPC at the top of the stairs, and use your Left Alt (third eye) to go on duty. You MUST have $100.00 in your cash/pocket to put down the deposit for the truck & lawn mower.

Once you have started your shift and put down the deposit, you will see a truck & trailer spawn with the mower on the trailer. Once you get inside the pickup truck, you should see a green line on your mini map that will direct you to your first location.

Once you arrive at the location, park the truck as close as you can to where the NPC is waiting for you. Once you are out of the truck, use your third eye (Left Alt) to focus on the lawn mower and move it out of the trailer. It should spawn right next to you, if you did it correctly.

Once you have gotten the lawn mower out of the trailer, climb on it, and start to mow over the grass that will be in the area of the NPC. Some of the grass is green and some is a white color that looks different. You’ll also notice rocks everywhere. Be careful not to get too close to the rocks as they can damage your mower. You can get extra for picking up all of the rocks.

Keep in mind, your mower can sink into sand and mud, so be sure to keep mowing and not stop too often to avoid getting stuck. If you get stuck, you will need someone else to help get you out with a winch or tow cable.

Once you have gotten all the grass, go up to the NPC, and use your third eye (Left Alt) to get paid. He’ll let you know how much you earned and you can level up from Beginner and earn bonuses if you do really well.

You can continue going from location to location until you decide to end your shift. Once you are ready to end your shift, go back to postal 556 and park your truck in the parking lot. Go back to the NPC and use your third eye (Left Alt) to end shift. If you returned the truck in good condition, you will receive your $100 deposit back.

Get ‘er done!