Salary $200 + $50-$300 Per call charges (RP with the customer – keep repair and or tow charges realistic and affordable – Greed will not be allowed. FAILRP RULE)

JOB PED: s_m_m_autoshop_02 (or appropriate MP ped)

*NOTE: When On duty, All Mechanics must use the ‘Tow’ channel in radio to communicate and ensure no one is fighting for jobs – Work together and use the Radio to communicate. Inability to follow these guidelines and use the radio properly will result in a kick from the server and a warning. Second offense results in a temp ban, Further issues will result in a permanent server ban.

The Mechanic career is perfect for those who enjoy repairing vehicles, and helping others while driving a cool truck. Work is performed primarily on the streets and highways of San Andreas in/around traffic providing repair and Towing services as well as providing support services for Local and state police agencies providing impound transportation and clearing accident scenes.

Additionally, You’ll have access to a repair facility that You may tow player vehicles to in order to perform more involved repairs.

Job Orientation: Once You’ve chosen the Job at the Chamber of Commerce, Head to one of the Mechanic Job Marker (Denoted by an Orange Wrench Icon on the map). Here You will purchase the repair kits required to repair player vehicles that have been damaged and/or broken down. These repair kits will cost you money as an ‘expense’.

Once you have the repair kits you need, select your flatbed tow truck model from the garage. Your tow truck will then spawn. When civilians and/or the Police are in need of Mechanic services, they will contact you through the phone text system. You will receive an on-screen notification which you may then choose to accept or decline. Respond to their calls by pressing the [+] key on the Number Pad and follow the GPS route on your map.

When You arrive on the scene, You’ll need to decide how best to approach the job at hand and provide the best possible Roleplay for the situation. You may also choose to decline a request and allow another mechanic on duty or accept a priority request from the police. To decline a call, Simply Press the [-] Key on the Number Pad.

If you log out with this job, you’ll need to press F1 Cancel Mission next time you log in. Otherwise a repair job that is no longer active from your last session will show, which you can’t complete.

*NOTE: Any and All Police service requests take priority over civilian requests. RP is of the utmost importance here. Be mindful of traffic and work quickly, but safely and professionally and assist the police however You can by hooking up and transporting vehicles to the police impound and/or removing wrecked/damaged vehicles from an accident or crime scene. Be sure to use Your Truck’s Strobe lighting whenever you are in service on the scene and/ during transport.

Rollback Tow Truck Controls:

  • NOTE: Sometimes FiveM scripts get confused on who’s got ownership of the commands and controls if more than one person has been in the rollback flatbed.
  • Stand near the control box at the rear side of the bed. You should see some controls text pop up in the upper left of your screen. Move the bed with UP and DOWN Arrows on the keyboard.
  • Lower the bed near the target vehicle.
  • To use the winch, while standing near the control box at the rear of the bed, press LEFT Arrow on the keyboard to winch the target vehicle onto the bed. It should stop automatically.
  • Lock the vehicle in place by pressing E.
  • Raise the bed by pressing UP Arrow.
  • Reverse these instructions to remove the vehicle from the bed when you get it where it’s going, using RIGHT arrow on the keyboard to winch the vehicle off of the bed. You may need to press Left Arrow first, then right arrow. It should stop automatically.
  • If you want to get in the vehicle while it’s on the bed, stand near the front side of the bed and press G. You’ll “warp” into the subject vehicle.
  • Typically, if the roleplay is over, you can get in the subject vehicle once you’ve dropped it off and use /dv or the F9 menu to delete it.

RP Tips/Charging Civilians for Services:

When responding to civilian service calls, keep good RP in mind and RP the situation out with the other player(s). Can the vehicle be fixed the on the side of the road? Does it need to be towed to Your repair facility? Charge for each situation realistically – $50 for an on-scene repair; $300 for a repair requiring you to tow vehicle to your shop for additional repairs. When done with your shift, please store your flatbed back in the job garage. Your unused repair kits remain in your inventory until you need them.