Pizza Delivery

People are hungry! They need you to deliver their pizzas. And make it snappy, some of them are stoners. Head over to the corner of Meteor Street and Vinewood Blvd to the PizzaThis! location, marked on the map with a P icon.

Talk to the guy leaning against the door with the 3rd eye and take the job.

Once you’ve taken the job, you’ll have 10 deliveries available. They’ll be routed one by one.

Drive to the first location and park near to the customer’s location. Get out, use the 3rd eye on the car and take the pizza from the car.

Walk up to the customer’s door and use the 3rd eye to deliver the pizza.

Once it’s been delivered, get back in the car and go to the next delivery location and repeat those steps to remove and deliver the pizza to the next customer.

You are paid CASH for each delivery. You can stop deliveries at any time by returning to the supervisor at PizzaThis! and stopping the job. After 10 deliveries, you’ll have to return to end the job and start it again to get more pizzas.