Pool Cleaning Job

You like the smell of chlorine in the morning? Or maybe you like being able to eyeball chicks in bikinis? Then the pool cleaning job is for you!

Head over to postal 598 off Elgin Avenue to the Los Santos Water and Power building. Go inside the rear entrance and press E to talk to the guy on the left holding the clipboard to start your contract work. (The guy on the right is for the electrician job).

Once you’ve signed your contract, go to the guy just outside holding a clipboard and press E to get your work van.

Press END on the keyboard to open the Pool Cleaning Job Menu. “Look for Work” will give you a pool to go clean. “Forget Work” will end the contract and you need to return the van from where you got it. “Close” will close the menu.

Choose “Look for Work” and wait for a GPS location to be mapped for you. Go there and Press E to talk to the customer to begin the job. Then check the pool for what work and chemicals are needed. Once you know what chemical(s) you need to add, go to the rear of the van and press G to open the doors and a menu will open where you can select your products.

Treat each spot until they’re all done. Then return the products to the back of the van.

You’ll almost always need to finish the job by getting the pump hoses from your van and running the the pump to complete the cleaning process.

Once you’ve finished all the work, return any remaining tools to the rear of the van and close the doors.

Go back and speak with the customer to get paid and end that specific job.

If a job gets glitched, you can press END to open the menu and “Forget Work”. Then you can get a new job from the same menu.

When you’re ready to stop your pool cleaning for the day, just return the van to LS Water and Power to get your $50 deposit back. Then talk to the guy you signed the contract with to end the contract.