Quarry Mining

Salary $275 + bonus checks for completion of deliveryto NPC’s


The Miner Job extracts ores from the quarry, smelts the ores into ingots which then are sold to different business locations around the state.

Job point is located inside the Foundry Door grid 174 (orange briefcase icon on the map)

You may use Your own private vehicle for this Job, but it is strongly suggested you choose a vehicle that would be fitting for such a job. Your ped’s clothing should also be job related…hard hat, ear protectors, gloves, work boots etc.

***Remember to use the Cancel Mission option in your F1 player menu each time you log in to the server while on duty as a miner. This will refresh the delivery mission point

Once In the job, You’ll need to drive to the Quarry near Sandy Shores. In the very bottom of the quarry pit, there are three crossed arrow icons, Each one is an ore gathering point, One for Gold Ore, One for Silver Ore, and one for Platinum Ore.

Once You have gathered sufficient ore(s), return to the Foundry in Los Santos at grid 174. Go inside to the very back of the lower level, in front of the furnace to smelt your ores into ingots which can then be sold to fulfill mission purchase requests at locations around the state.

It takes 2 ores and $150 (out of pocket, NOT your bank acct) to make 1 ingot which can then be sold for $300.

You will receive a small paycheck, but most of your money is made from fulfilling delivery orders at the locations around the state, each delivery will request a random amount of each ingot from 0-5 of each type per order.

***TIP – It is not recommended that you work the system by gathering a large number of Ores and then smelting/carrying a large amount of ingots on your person. You can easily lose them upon death and or being mugged/robbed.