Repair Tech

Salary $200 + mission bonuses

JOB PED: s_m_m_autoshop_02 (or appropriate MP ped) Think “handyman” or utility worker, here.

The Mechanic career is perfect for those who enjoy driving around repairing equipment. Work is performed primarily on electrical equipment, satellites, and HVAC.

Job Orientation: Once You’ve chosen the Job at the Chamber of Commerce or other job location, Head to one of the Repair Tech supply markers (Denoted by an Orange Wrench Icon on the map). Here You will purchase the repair kits required to repair equipment that has been damaged, as well as vehicles.

These repair kits will cost you money as an ‘expense’. Once you have the repair kits you need, select your vehicle model from the garage. Your vehicle will then spawn.

Repair kits can also repair vehicles, however, you will not receive mechanic/towing calls, that’s a totally separate job.

You will be offered periodic NPC missions to repair various places around the map such as satellite dishes, and more.

Complete these missions for additional bonus checks, ranging from $50 to $1000 per job completed.

You can cancel these missions if you choose, by pressing [F1] on the keyboard and choosing “Cancel Mission”. If you’ve logged out and logged back in, you should “Cancel Mission” to get a new one. Old ones that were pending will not work after logging out.

When done with your shift, please store your vehicle back in the job garage. Your unused repair kits remain in your inventory until you need them. They can also be stored in your vehicles, home, or self-storage locations.