Truck Driver (Big Rig)

Per Diem $20 + pay per delivery.

Our server now features a trucking company system, patterned off of American Truck Simulator. With this system, you start out taking Quick Jobs using the customers’ trucks. Once you’ve ranked up your skills and purchased your own truck(s), you get paid a bit more and can take more lucrative loads.

Your per diem is deposited directly into your bank account, but the delivery payments are paid into your trucking company account, which is accessed from the laptop where you also get jobs.

JOB PED: should make sense for a big rig truck driver

This civilian job is responsible for providing freight delivery to various locations around the state. This job uses large truck cabs like the Hauler, Packer, and Phantom. They will use large trailers, some of which spawn with random company graphics. Once you’ve reached the point to purchase your own truck(s), there are several to choose from like Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Kenworth, MAN, DAF, etc.

If you want to drive big trucks and/or eventually run your own trucking company, head down to the Terminal at Postal 18, where you see the white crate box icon on the map. Go inside that office door there. Near the bulletin board, just inside the office, make sure you set your job to Truck Driver. Running trucks without that job set will get you charged for driving without a CDL by the fuzz! Once you’re “on duty”, head further back in the office to the laptop, press E and manage all things trucking related there.

You start out driving for other companies with “Quick Jobs”. These loads use the customers’ trucks.

As you earn money and experience points, you can eventually “level up” and get skill points to spend, which will give you access to specialized loads requiring certifications, etc.

Once you’ve chosen a load, exit the office and get your truck cab that is waiting for you at the blue truck marker. Back it up to the trailer waiting at the blue trailer marker. Then make your delivery. You’ll need to park in the correct spot to finish the load. You’ll need to get out to see the red lines marker once you’re in the general spot. Park the truck and trailer as the markers indicate. You should see a “Press E” notification to complete the load. Sometimes you may need to have the load backed in, and sometimes you may be able to park it forward. This will take some practice and patience. Then take the truck back to the original spot at postal 18, near the office and press E to store it. The full red bar should be where the front your truck cab is, as it gets lighter, that should be toward the rear of your truck cab.

If your load is damaged to a certain point, the trailer will disappear and you have lost the load. You’ll need to go park the truck back at the office and check the quick jobs or freight market for new loads.

Once you have purchased your own trucks, you’re officially a trucking company owner. You can drive your trucks and hire NPC drivers to drive them. Keep in mind, to keep from it being abused and exploited, NPC drivers only make money for you every so often and only when you’re logged into the server. They do have a hiring cost. They also have pay deducted from the load value, and you get the profit after they’re paid.

For extra, added enjoyment, there’s a Channel 19 – Truckers channel in our TeamSpeak so you can communicate with other truckers. You MUST use push-to-talk in this channel.

WARNING; Bank Loans – If you take out one or more bank loans for your trucking company, the payments are automatically taken out every 24 hours. If you do not have enough money in your trucking account, the bank seizes your company and it is closed. They have taken everything and sold it off at auction to satisfy your loans and their legal fees and court costs. There’s no re-imbursement for this if it happens to you, and there’s no way for us to exclude players that may be away for a while, regardless of reason.

Here’s a tutorial video by New Player Coordinator, Steve The Bodyman: