UBER/Taxi Service

So, you want to drive a taxi? You’re in luck! The city of Los Santos is hiring!

First, you’ll need to take transportation to postal 382 and select the Taxi job at the job center.

Once you have done so, you’ll need to take transportation to postal 404 with a yellow cab icon on the map. You will need to go “On Duty” in order to spawn your cab. Go inside the building when you arrive and you’ll walk up to the front desk to go on duty.

Once you have gone “On Duty,” go to the red arrow in the parking lot to spawn your cab. You may pick from any cab you wish.

Cabs will not cost you a deposit. You can use your taxi to pick up player character or NPCs.

Once you spawn inside the cab, you’ll need to do a few things before you go and pick up NPC’s. You must be in a taxi cab to do these things.

Go into your F1 menu and select Work. First, you’ll want to click on Show/Hide Your Meter to show your meter on screen. You’ll be able to see what amount per mile you earn, what you’ll be earning, and the total number of miles you have gone.

Second, you’ll want to go back into your F1 menu and select “NPC Mission.” This will start a mission to pick up an NPC and drive them to their destination.

You’ll want your meter turned off when you’re going to pick them up, since you won’t earn money for the distance traveled. You only earn money once you’ve picked them up and dropped them off at their location.

To turn on your meter once you’ve picked up the NPC, go to your F1 Menu and Select Start/Stop Meter. That will turn your meter on and off.

Once you’ve gone to the NPC’s pick up location, follow the prompts to get them to go inside the vehicle. Next, drive them to their destination, find the red arrow indicating where to drop them off, and follow the prompt to do so. Once you drop them off, you should receive your payment.

Continue doing this until you decide to go off duty. Drive the taxi back to postal 404, put it back in the garage, and go inside and go off duty. You can stay logged in to the job center job if you wish, unless you wish to change to a different job. If your passenger gets out and doesn’t close the door, you’ll have to walk around there and close it, yourself.

Always make sure to wear your seatbelt and adhere to traffic laws, especially when law enforcement is on duty.

Stay safe!

*NOTE: Please utilize the Taxis provided for this career. Use of Your own personal vehicle is discouraged and You will be personally liable to any and all damages to property and people.

NOTE: When On duty, All UBER/TAXI Drivers must use the ‘UBER/TAXI Radio’ channel in the KUFFSGAMING TeamSpeak to communicate and ensure no one is fighting for jobs – Work together and use the Radio to communicate. Inability to follow these guidelines and use the radio properly will result in a kick from the server and a warning. Second offense results in a temp ban, Further issues will result in a permanent server ban.

TeamSpeak Information:
(DO NOT interrupt any recording/streaming going on by being an idiot, DO NOT whisper to LEO, Fire, EMS, or Dispatch channels if you are not approved for those jobs, or anything else that you should know better than to do, or you will lose your access). TeamSpeak IP address and password are pinned in the kuffs-fivem-server channel of our Discord.