UBER/Taxi Service

Salary $200 + $5 – $50 Per ride charges and tips (RP with the customer – keep charges realistic and affordable. Greed will not be allowed. FAILRP RULE)

JOB PED: Player Choice MP PED

As a private civilian transportation provider, You’ll spend Your working hours making sure the people of San Andreas get to and from their destinations safely and efficiently. Both City Taxi and UBER service are owned and operated by Mahmud Patel and can be very lucrative for the hustling mobile people pleaser.

Once You have chosen this career at the Chamber of Commerce, head to the City Taxi headquarters in West Los Santos. Its located on the west end of the Strip across from the Casio Horse Race Track, east of Vinewood on the way towards Mirror Park. Head to the Taxi Garage (Denoted by a Taxi Icon on the map) and enter the marker. Buy a Taxi or the Surge Uber car, then retrieve it from the garage.

Once on duty and in your vehicle, You will receive calls from both NPCs and other players. It is up to You to decide which calls to take. To accept a call from a player, press the [+] key on your number pad and follow the GPS route. Locate the client and roleplay the interaction, taking them to their desired drop off location. To charge the customer for the trip, Roleplay it out, and request they give you the charged amount through the inventory give an option in the player menu. Keep charges realistic based on trip distance, fuel used etc. You may also suggest a tip from the customer, but the Tip is entirely up to the client and should never be expected.

Taxi Meter UI Usage

When in a taxi car, taxi van, Surge, stretch limo, or stretch Patriot, you can turn on and set a Taxi Meter to calculate the fares. The following commands and keybinds can be used:

  • /taximeter help – displays some helpful information for the meter usage.
  • /taximeter mile 2.00 – sets the meter to charge $2.00 per mile. Can be set as you choose, but this is what the in-game signs show.
  • /taximeter initial 2.50 – sets the meter to charge a base fee of $2.50 to start a meter. Can be set as you choose, but this is what the in-game signs show.
  • /taximeter minute 1.00 – set the meter to charge $1.00 per minute. Can be set as you choose. (Mainly for limos.)
  • /taximeter show – will show your current meter settings.
  • HOME button on keyboard – toggle the Taxi Meter UI on/off.
  • K button on keyboard – start/stop the meter running.
  • L button on keyboard – reset the meter.
  • You must set your mile charge or minute charge each time you get in your vehicle to start your shift. If you notice it’s not charging, you should probably set your mile or minute charge as shown above.

In the case of a dispute or a ‘Ride & Dash’ situation, notify and report the instance to the police – Do not attempt to handle the situation on Your own – Self defense is not likely an acceptable excuse.

Additionally, There are also NPC missions offered every 10 minutes, accept them and go to the location marked, complete the ride for the npc and get paid. You may skip an NPC mission by pressing the [F1] Key and selecting ‘Cancel Mission’ from the player menu. Turn NPC missions on by pressing the DELETE key on your keyboard while in a taxi job vehicle.

*NOTE: Please utilize the Taxi or Surge for this career. Use of Your own personal vehicle is discouraged and You will be personally liable to any and all damages to property and people.

NOTE: When On duty, All UBER/TAXI Drivers must use the ‘UBER/TAXI Radio’ channel in the KUFFSGAMING TeamSpeak to communicate and ensure no one is fighting for jobs – Work together and use the Radio to communicate. Inability to follow these guidelines and use the radio properly will result in a kick from the server and a warning. Second offense results in a temp ban, Further issues will result in a permanent server ban.

TeamSpeak Information:
(DO NOT interrupt any recording/streaming going on by being an idiot, DO NOT whisper to LEO, Fire, EMS, or Dispatch channels if you are not approved for those jobs, or anything else that you should know better than to do, or you will lose your access)
Server address: ts.kuffsgaming.com
Primary Password: Kc5hXMxe