Vending Machine Service

Everybody likes snacks, right?! Somebody has to keep all these vending machines stocked up. That’s where you come in.

Head over to Postal 162 Popular Street and talk to the supervisor there (loaded pickup truck icon on map). Use the 3rd eye to Start Work and he will give you the keys to the work van.

Drive to the marked location and walk up to the machine to begin filling it. Some vending machines may be inside, some may be outside, some may even be down in the subway stations or in parking garages.

Once you’ve filled the machine, you will get paid a random amount of money to your bank account. To continue working, get back in the van and go to the next marked location, rinse and repeat. Once you’ve worked as long as you want, head back to 162 Popular Street and Stop Work with the supervisor.

This is a contract job, so you don’t have to have the actual “job” to do these and it will not affect any whitelisted job you may hold.