Walker Logistics

Salary $275 + bonus checks for completion of delivery to NPC’s


The Walker Logistics Job packages crates and pallets which are then delivered to some key locations around the Port of Los Santos Area.

Job point is located at the Walker Logistics warehouse located at Grid 39 VooDoo Place in Elysian Island, Just south of BugStars. The clock in point is at the front workbench in front of the lap top.

Remember to use the Cancel Mission option in your F1 player menu each time you log in to the server while on duty as a Walker Employee. This will refresh the delivery mission point

Once on duty, You have access to a truck(Hauler) and trailer(DockTrailer) garages (located to either side of the front bay doors) These vehicles will need to be bought first, but are free of cost, just like most other jobs.

YOU ARE REQUIRED to use the job vehicle and trailer for this Job. You ped’s clothing should also be job related…hard hat, ear protectors, gloves, work boots etc.

NOTE the trailer can be carefully backed into the left front bay door. The other front door and rear doors are not tall enough

To package crates and pallets for delivery, you’ll need to gather the required supplies first – Packing supplies and Freight order tickets.

To gather packing supplies, stand at the back of the red shipping container inside the warehouse. It will cost you $5 (out of pocket, NOT your bank acct) to purchase 2 packing supplies.

To gather Freight Orders, stand facing the Computer table (To the right of the lap top on the work bench) Freight orders can be gathered here and they are free. Once You’ve gathered sufficient packing and order tickets, You can now package crates and pallets to fulfill orders.

Each Walker Crate requires 1 Packing and 1 Order Ticket. Each Crate sells for $10 upon delivery.

Each Walker Pallet Requires 2 Packing and 2 Order Tickets. Each pallet sells for $20 upon delivery.