Winery Distiller

Salary $250 + bonus checks for completion of delivery/sale to NPC’s


The Tongva Valley Winery Distiller Job produces Top-Shelf, Small batch local wine, and whiskey.  The product is then sold via NPC deliveries around the map and through direct sell to other players for personal consumption or to sell at their bar/club.

To go o work at the winery, simply drive to the winery (grid 911) and go to the orange briefcase icon (it’s on the side of the secondary building off the parking lot). Once you’ve clocked in, You can go to the garage icon (in front of the secondary building in the parking lot). Here you can find a field vehicle to use for gathering and a delivery van.

Next, Head out to the south field gather point. Here is where you gather the grapes and wheat to make the spirits.  Walk into the marker and select the desired item to gather.

To distill Wine and/or Whiskey, Head back up to the main building and enter the white crate icon (it’s under the overhang in front of the still in the fireplace)

It costs you $5 and 2 grapes or 2 wheat to make the desired spirits. Each distilling nets 2 bottles.
Once You’ve made your batches, you can sell them to NPC’s by delivering the requested amounts of each spirit to the yellow delivery markers. These delivery missions will pop up every 5-10 minutes.

Tonvga Valley Spirits are the absolute best in the state and are considered Top shelf liquor. IT is NOT sold in stores/bar points etc.

In Order for players to buy this brand, they must buy it directly from a distiller. They can then use for personal consumption and serve it at their club/bars

Tongva Valley Wine sells for $5 per bottle
Tongva Valley Whiskey Sells for $8

These prices are non-negotiable and set by the state’s SATF Alcohol Bureau for Retail Sales. Bulk sales to licensed establishments may be discounted as the Distiller sees fit.