Drug Dealing and Manufacturing

The drug system is very in-depth and will require grinding, and detective work to find all the locations needed, this guide will be extremely vague of the locations. You’ll need to use the action key (Third Eye/L-alt) on multiple stations and people to harvest, process, package, buy, and sell your product. Many of the process have a mini game attached.


Supplies for the various drugs can be found at various locations across the map.

  • Harvesting tools can be located at a Florist in Davis.
  • Figurines can be located at a comic shop in Vinewood.
  • Chemical supplies can be purchased from the rear of a pharmacy in Davis.


  • You’ll need Scissors to harvest the Weed.
  • Weed farm supplies, and keycard to the Farm are sold from a dealer in an alley way in Del Perro.
  • The Farm is located along the highway between Grapeseed and Sandy, in a warehouse near a train farm grain offload site.
  • To Harvest you’ll need to Turn on the AC, Harvest from the fully grown plants (not same plant twice in a row), take buds to a table to clean them.
  • Clean buds can be taken to a different table to package. 5 Buds + 1 Baggie = packaged Weed, 1 bud + 1 blunt or weed paper = 1 joint or blunt.
  • Joints and Blunts can be consumed or sold to other players. Baggies can be sold by using payphones to get a delivery point.


  • To get access to the Coke lab, you’ll need to get the Keycard from Gerald at his apartment in Davis.
  • Coke is harvested at a drug plantation on a tropical paradise off the coast of San Andreas. you’ll need a trowel.
  • Coke is processed at a warehouse somewhere on the Docks.
  • Take leaves to one table to process it into powder and into a box.
  • Take boxes to another table to turned it into Raw Coke.
  • Take Raw Coke to final table to make Pure Coke.
  • Pure Coke can be put into figurines at final station to sell as coke, or taken to Crack lab to make Crack rocks.
  • 2 Leaves gives one box, 1 box gives 3 raw coke, 2 raw gives 1 pure, 5 pure and one figure gives one figure full of cocaine.
  • The action figure has the same name whether it has Coke or not in it, difference is the weight.
  • Delivery Mission at payphone like weed.
  • Pure Cocaine can be sold to players or consumed as is.


  • To get Access To the Meth Lab, you’ll need to get the keycard from Martin Madrazo at his house in Vinewood Hills.
  • Buy all the items to make meth at the pharmacy, buy multiple containers for acid if you plan to make in bulk.
  • Acid is stolen from the one if the blue acid pumps in a pit at the Palmer Taylor Power Station.
  • Meth Lab is located in East LS, same building as a popular car garage.
  • Turn on Labs Electricity, Turn on the Heat, Cook a Batch, Finish Batch, Hammer Batch at a Table, Then Package at a Table.
  • Can be sold once packaged at phones, or consumed or sold to players in meth pipe or needle form.


  • Poppy plants are located on a island off the eastern shore of the state, You’ll need a trowel.
  • Heroine lab is located in the second floor of a liquor store in Sandy.
  • Process and package at a single station.
  • 3 Plants, 1 Amonia, 1 Baggy = 1 Heroin
  • Can be sold in Baggies at payphone, or Consumed or sold to players in needle form.


  • Crack Lab is located at a Irish farm in Blaine County.
  • Pure Coke is required to make Crack.
  • 2 Pure Coke, 1 Baking Soda, 1 Bottle of Water = 1 Crack.
  • Crack can be sold at delivery Missions from payphones, or consumed or sold to players in a pipe.


  • Items are purchased from dealer, and only used to be consumed or sold to other players.
  • Dealer is located near the Go Cart Track in East LS.


  • Peyote and Mushrooms are only used as a consumable or sold to other players.
  • Peyote is located somewhere along the Alamo Sea.
  • Mushrooms are located near the Bunyon Lodge somewhere.

Rumor has it a powerful French Canadian drug lord maybe willing to sell postals to all the locations for a one time fee, seek out Jean-Guy Rubberboot (Duilin) if your wallet is deep enough!

NOTE: Legal possession is 4 joints. Larger amounts or packages of weed, all LSD, heroin, meth, peyote, mushrooms, ecstasy and cocaine are illegal in any amount, as are the base items for their manufacture, including seeds. Xanax is illegal without a valid prescription in your possession. If the police discover illegal items, and/or illegal quantities of weed, You will be arrested, charged and jailed. Your drug inventory and any cash on Your person will be seized and lost. Your vehicle may also be seized.

Additionally, there are established Organized Crime groups who ‘own’ the drug and weapons trafficking in the state. While You may choose to become an independent drug dealer or weapons smuggler, be aware that these groups dislike people stealing their business so be cautious. These groups will not hesitate to act violently to protect their business. You will get zero police assistance in case a criminal organization targets you for selling drugs or weapons. Instead, it’s most likely everybody involved will need to become friends in Bolingbroke Penitentiary.