Drug Dealer

To start working as a drug dealer,  You must first head to the Tattoo Shop in Sandy Shores or one of the drug labs around the map. Go Inside and enter the yellow marker and select Drug Dealer as a profession. Once You become a drug dealer, You now have to locate and purchase the items needed to manufacture drugs to sell.

In order to do this, You will have to locate the informant (denoted by a flashing thought bubble icon on the map). The informant moves around and is only in one place for a limited amount of time.

Once You meet with the informant, You will need to pay him $20,000 for him to reveal the location where you can purchase the items needed to manufacture. Make sure you have the cash on you when you meet with them.

Once You have the location, head there and buy items as desired. You can select between Benzo chemical to make coke, Harness to make LSD and Seeds to turn into weed.

Once You’ve purchased the items, Head to Davis in Los Santos to the Drug Lab (Grid 9115 Carson at Roy Lowenstein, in the back), or to one of the drug labs off of Union Road in the county.

Manufacturing Drugs to Sell.

Once at the Drug Lab with Your Items, it is now time to manufacture some drugs to sell.

For each type of drug, You will need one (1) item and $500 in your pocket – this results in 3 of the drug You’re making. For Example: 1 Seed and $500 produces 3 weed. (this formula is the same for all the drug types)

In Order to manufacture, Walk into the green marker in front of the table and follow the prompts. Once you begin manufacturing, it will take some time and money to produce the drugs to sell, so stay in the marker until the process is complete.

Manufactured drugs will go directly into your inventory. At this point, you are ready to sell.

Every 10 minutes You’ll receive a mission with an order to fill, and will be a random amount of each drug. To  fulfill each order, Ensure You have enough inventory for each drug type requested. Then simply drive follow the yellow GPS route tot he customer’s home. Walk into the marker and the transaction will autocomplete. The drugs requested will be moved out of your inventory and you’ll be given money for the order. You may repeat this process as necessary.

You can now break these drug items down into smaller quantities for use or sell. This break down process will take 1 weed + $10 to make 100 joints and is also conducted at the Drug Lab marker. The process is the same for LSD (makes hits of lsd) and cocaine (makes small baggies of cocaine). The “missions” still use the larger quantity items, not these smaller quantity ones.

To sell to random NPCs on the street (press NUMPAD + on the keyboard when near an NPC with these drugs in your inventory). You can also sell to other players using the give option in the F1 menu after they give you money.

NOTE: Legal possession is 4 joints. Larger sacks of weed, all LSD and all cocaine are illegal in any amount, as are the base items such as harness and seed. If the police discover illegal items, and/or illegal quantities of weed, You will be arrested, charged and jailed. Your drug inventory and any cash on Your person will be seized and lost. Your vehicle will also be seized.

Additionally, there are established Organized Crime groups who ‘own’ the drug and weapons trafficking in the state. While You may choose to become an independent drug dealer or weapons smuggler, be aware that these groups dislike people stealing their business so be cautious. These groups will not hesitate to act violently to protect their business. You will get zero police assistance in case a criminal organization targets you for selling drugs or weapons.