The Forger job makes his/her money by purchasing stolen credit cards from Hackers and manufacturing fake ID’s to sell.

To start your career as a Forger, head to the tractor supply shack at the far west end of Marina Drive in Sandy Shores. It is opposite the Alamo Sea right before the dirt road roudabout. Enter the marker and select ‘Forger’ job.

Once You’ve selected the forger job, You can start by connecting with hackers(other players) to purchase stolen credit cards. (Alternately, You may do the job of a hacker first to obtain stolen credit cards – See Hacker job info above) Once You’ve obtained the stolen credit cards, You will need to use them to manufacture Fake ID’s which you may then sell to NPC’s for money.

To make forged ID’s Youll need to have money and stolen credit cards in your player inventory. Head to Lester’s house in murrietta heights on Amarillo Vista Rd.

Walk into the house and stand in between the two opposing computer desks in the middle of the house. A menu will pop up allowing you to start the forging process. The number you can make at one time is limited, and you will have to sell off the excess before making more.

Every 10 minutes You will receive mission orders to fulfill. to Fulfill these orders and sell stolen cards to NPC’s, simply follow the yellow GPS route to the location and enter the maker. The sale will auto-complete. Sold cards will be removed from Your inventory and you will receive Cash.

You may choose to ignore a mission order. To cancel/skip the order Press [F1] on your keyboard and select ‘Cancel mission’ from the menu.