The Hacker makes money by stealing cash from player’s bank accounts, turning the money into stolen cards, and then selling them to a forgery artist or NPC.

To become a hacker, head to the Darnell Bros factory in La Mesa. Go inside, up the stairs and into the main office. Enter the marker and select ‘Hacker’ job.

Once You’ve selected the hacker job, You can start using your scanner to ‘hack’ nearby players. To do this, Press [F1] on your keyboard to open the player menu. then select Scanner.

To hack a player’s account, you will need to be within 1 block of the player You want to attempt to hack. The hacking scanner operates on random chance. KEEP IN MIND, success or Fail, the player will know he/she is being hacked, but will not know who is attempting to hack them, unless You’ve made your presence known to them.

The player may leave the area, or contact the police.

Once a hack is successful, You and the player You hacked will receive a notification. After You’ve successfully hacked money from a player’s account, head back to Darnell Bros, and enter the office upstairs – The stand next to the desk near the laptop and the hacker production menu will popup.. Follow the prompts to turn the hacked money into stolen credit cards.

Once you have the stolen cards, You can choose to sell to the forger (if a player in that job is online) or you may also sell these cards to NPC’s to make money

Every 10 minutes You will receive mission orders to fulfill. to Fulfill these orders and sell stolen cards to NPC’s, simply follow the yellow GPS route to the location and enter the maker. The sale will auto-complete. Sold cards will be removed from Your inventory and you will receive Cash.

You may choose to ignore a mission order. To cancel/skip the order Press [F1] on your keyboard and select ‘Cancel mission’ from the menu.