Weapons Smuggler

In Order to become a weapons smuggler, You’ll need to drive out to Paleto Bay and head to the Rifle Icon on the map. Once there, enter the marker in front of the door and select “Weapons Smuggler. Once You’ve done this, You can now collect illegal weapons which you can sell to NPC clients around the state.

To gather weapons to sell ( You’ll need to head to the Ammunation in Paleto Bay. Wlk into the marker behind the ammunation and follow the prompts. It will take soem time for You to collect the AK and m4 Rifles. Once You;ve gathered enough, walk out of the maker and the illegalk weapons are added to your inventory and You can now sell them for a profit.

To sell the weapons:

You will receive a new ‘mission’ every 10 minutes and a notification will appear in the upper right of your screen. To fulfill these orders, simply follow the yellow GPS route to the customer’s location and enter the marker. The sale will auto-complete, The sold items will be removed from your inventory and you will receive cash for the sale. You may choose to ignore a mission order. To cancel/skip the order Press [F1] on your keyboard and select ‘Cancel mission’ from the menu.

NOTE: Illegal weapons are illegal to own/possess/transport and/or sell. If the police discover illegal weapons on your person or in your vehicles, You will be arrested, charged and jailed. Any illegal items will be seized and lost. Your vehicle will also be seized.

Additionally, there are established Organized Crime groups who ‘own’ the drug and weapons trafficking in the state. While You may choose to become an independent drug dealer or weapons smuggler, be aware that these groups dislike people stealing their business so be cautious. These groups will not hesitate to act violently to protect their business. You will get zero police assistance in case a criminal organization targets you for selling drugs or weapons.