Wheel Theft Ring

Are you a thrill seeker? Wanna help Juan Pablo and Enrique with their tire theft ring? Grab your pickup truck and a jack stand and head on over to postal 153 off Little Bighorn Avenue and talk to Juan Pablo. They’re paying between $200 and $400 for some wheels.

You must have a pickup truck to stack the stolen wheels in. So be sure to take a truck to meet with Juan Pablo. Be careful, though, sometimes citizens might think what you’re doing is suspicious and call the cops! And keep your head on a swivel in case the cops are just riding by an could spot you.

He’ll give you the plate number of the target vehicle and the area it was last spotted in.

If you forget, you can open the pause menu help tab and see the plate number again. Drive to the area and start looking for the target vehicle.

Once it’s located, park close, keep your eyes peeled, and get ready to steal those wheels!

Use your jack stand to lift the car so you can get to work removing the wheels.

Once the car is on the jack stand, pick a wheel to start with and press E near it.

A lug nut removal mini-game will start. Simply hold the mouse curser over each lug nut until they’re all removed and you’ll take the wheel.

One you have the wheel, take it to the bed of your pickup truck and press E to place it in the back.

Repeat the process to remove the remaining 3 wheels and put them in the truck.

Don’t forget to complete the task by removing your jack stands and leaving the vehicle up on blocks.

Take the wheels to Enrique tucked away out in the Murietta Oil Fields.

Once you get there, press H to remove each tire one by one and place it in the blue crate.

Once all 4 wheels have been dropped off in the crate, talk to Enrique to get paid.