CAD Information – Civilian

Our server uses an in-game CAD/MDT for searching licenses, civilians, etc. All information, except the picture for your character is automatically populated. Characters may be photographed in-game by government employees from time to time to update their information. If you have a photo of your character that you want to include, open a DMV ticket and request that it be added to your character.

Driver’s Licenses and Vehicle Registrations

  • Your character’s driver’s license should be automatically generated after the character is created. There will be a Driver’s License item and ID Card item in your inventory. Do not lose these or you will have to purchase duplicates at the Job Center/DMV.

Boating, Hunting, and Fishing Licenses

  • Currently, we don’t have separate licenses for boating, hunting, and fishing. Your ID Card & Driver’s License will suffice until these are added in the future.

Concealed Carry & Open Carry Weapon Licenses

*** Your concealed weapon license can be obtained through in-game interaction with specific law enforcement, usually the Sheriff’s Department. Open a #fivem-server-licensing-requests ticket in our Discord to schedule your character’s appointment for background check, fingerprinting, and photo. These are done in-game, so must be scheduled in the ticket.

If you are carrying a weapon, you must inform law enforcement immediately upon interaction. Carrying a weapon concealed without this active license is a crime. Open carry is legal in San Andreas (go 2nd Amendment!), but you must not use any law enforcement specific duty belts, holsters, etc. And you must not carry concealed without an approved concealed weapon license.

Weapon licenses can and will be revoked for certain crimes.

911/311 Calls For information on how to send emergency or non-emergency calls, please check the Civilian Script/Command Information section of the player’s guide a little further down. There’s detailed instructions there on how to contact emergency services.