Step 1 – Register With Los Santos Job Center

When you first spawn into the game, you will be just outside the Los Santos Job Center, at the corner of Alta Street and Vespucci Blvd. Walk into the green marker inside in front of the computer. Select ‘New Identity’ and hit [ENTER] (A on the Controller) Follow the prompts to enter your identity information in the following order: First name, Last name and Age.

IMPORTANT: It is suggested that you use your Steam Name or some combination of it that fits within our rules. If you change your identity at a later point, your telephone number and tag numbers change, so keep it the same unless instructed otherwise. You may lose ownership of your vehicles, etc if you change your starting identity settings later.

You will use the in-game menu F7 for “showing your ID” to identify your character. You can only have 1 identity for the vRP system to remember you. However, you can have multiple Character Names and Info entered into the CAD and multiple character appearances saved in the F9 menu. *After entering info in each panel, hit the [TAB] key on your keyboard to continue.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Once you’ve set your identity name with the server, DO NOT change it once you’ve purchased a vehicle/house.