Step 2 – Obtain Your Driver’s License

Once you’ve registered your identity, You will need to obtain your license from the license marker in-game (next computer over from identity registration) in the Los Santos Job Center, at the corner of Alta Street and Vespucci Blvd.

You must have this license to drive a vehicle, obtain employment and buy a home. To get Your License simply walk into the yellow marker to the left, and hit [ENTER] (A on the Controller).

*Ensure You purchase one license ONLY. Possessing multiple License/ID’s is illegal and punishable by Fines and Jail Time. You’ll be given an in-game item that sits in your inventory named Driver’s License.

If you lose it, you’ll need to get another at the license marker in the Los Santos Job Center. Also, don’t forget to enter your driver’s license request into the CAD for each character when setting them up in there.

Same with vehicle tag numbers, hunting, fishing, boating licenses, etc.

NOTE: Vehicle registrations and licenses are “pending” until we manually approve those. We manually approve vehicle registrations, driver’s, boating, fishing, and hunting licenses a few times per week. There is no need to request a special DMV ticket for regular driver’s, boating, fishing, and hunting licenses.