Step2 – Choose Your Job

After you’ve verified that you have a state issued ID and your driver’s license items, you can choose any of the open and available jobs.

There may also be job points near the garages for various jobs, for your convenience in changing jobs based on your current character. To check to make sure you’ve successfully selected a job, enter /job in the chat to get a notification of your job and rank.

Congratulations! You are now a legal, employed citizen of San Andreas.

For specific job information and how to switch careers, see the jobs section of the guide.

NOTE: If you have a whitelisted job like law enforcement, fire/ems, Mosley’s, Hayes, etc you cannot work for the jobs at the job center with that character. It will remove your whitelisted job and swap you to the job you chose there. You would then have to be re-hired into your previous position by either a boss or an Admin.