Banks and ATMs are located throughout San Andreas (banks are denoted by Large Dollar sign icons on the map). ATM’s will allow you to withdraw money from your account, if you have a debit card. You can get a debit card from one of the bank interior locations and will be asked to set up a PIN number. You’ll need to go inside a bank location in order to deposit money. To access an ATM, “use” the debit card item from your inventory while standing in front of an ATM machine.

You can also take out loans and open savings accounts.

If you are robbed, your pocket money and some inventory items can be taken. If your debit card is stolen and the thief figured out your PIN number, they can take money from your bank account. Cancel your card and have a new one issued with a new PIN.

The savings account option is to help protect your money from being drained by you, or even another player who may have stolen your debit card. You will have to open that account at a brick and mortar bank, and physically be there to transfer money in and out of that account.

Crypto Currency can be bought and sold through your phone. Money is added when sold, or removed when bought, directly from your bank account. Watch the market, so you can buy low and sell high!

Manage Your money to minimize losses. ADMINS WILL NOT restore lost pocket cash or bank balances under any circumstances. Do not even attempt to transfer money from one of your characters to another. They are all meant to be standalone.

Need a Loan?

Pacific Standard Bank offers low interest loans for your purchasing power needs! Head over to the main lobby at the corner of Alta Street and Vinewood Boulevard, postal 575. Look for the loan brochures on the round table in the center of the lobby. Use your third eye on it and Access Bank to request your loan!

Loans are based on credit scores, so you will be limited to smaller amounts for loans at first. But if you have a good payment history with the bank, your credit score will increase.

When requesting a loan, you can pick from the various types of loans, choose an amount, explain the reason for the loan, and choose your payment terms. The max loan length is 8 weeks.

You can request a loan, pay on your loan(s), or see you past loans here, too. Make sure you come back to the bank and pay on your loans so your credit score doesn’t suffer.

IMPORTANT: Since loans have to be manually approved, open a #fivem-server-support-request ticket in Discord to request that a banker check your loan application after you’ve requested the loan in-game.

The loan system will send emails to your character’s phone to inform you of the loan approval/denial status, etc. Once a loan is approved, the money is deposited directly into the character’s bank account, automatically.