Buying and Selling a Vehicle

Buying A Vehicle

Vehicles are available for purchase at Simeon’s Showroom in Los Santos.  In order for You to legally ‘Own’ vehicles, be able to store items in the trunk and store the vehicle in your garage You must purchase Your vehicles here. There is a wide range of vehicles available from low-end starters ranging from $1100 to $6000 dollars; To exotics, highly customized off-road trucks and classic muscle car that cost as much as $400K. Some of the custom brands represented include Honda, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Ferrari, Audi, Lamborghini, Harley Davidson, Subaru, Mitsubishi and more! There’s even bicycles for around $250 if money is really tight.

To purchase a vehicle, visit Premium Motorsports (Simeon’s Dealership – It is a car Icon on the Map).  When you enter the showroom, walk into the blue marker and follow the prompts. Hit [ENTER] to access the showroom menu. Select desired vehicle type and then choose desired vehicle class (sports, muscle, sends, etc)

It is HIGHLY suggested that you only use the keyboard arrow keys, backspace, and enter when interacting with the vehicle showroom.

As You scroll through each model, it will spawn in the showroom so that You may see what each one looks like. To purchase a desired vehicle, ensure you have the purchase amount in your pocket and select “Buy vehicle.” After confirming Your purchase, You will then be placed outside the dealership in your new vehicle. You may then take the vehicle to Los Santos Customs to respray it, and purchase performance upgrades.

In order to store and/or access your owned vehicles, visit either the public garage (or your home garage if you purchased a property), enter the marker, and follow the menu prompts.

**NOTE: Personal vehicles can only be stored and accessed at the public and home garages. Work vehicles provided by your employer may only be accessed and stored at the specific job garage (i.e.- Police garage, Bank Driver garage, etc). Additionally, Stolen vehicles may not be obtained and then stored in any garage. The Police have access to the ‘No-Jack’ Stolen vehicle locator system and in-car cameras that scan RFID chips embedded in license plates – This system will notify a unit of a stolen vehicle upon detection and provide registered owner’s information.

Selling A Vehicle

You can sell any vehicle that you legally own at the Vehicle Buyer located behind Simeon’s. This wholesale buyer will only pay about half what you originally purchased your vehicle for inside Simeon’s Showroom.

Pull up into the marker, and type “/sellveh” (without quotes) in the chat box. Prior to doing this, check the price you’ve been quoted in the chat box. All sales are final, once you type the command in chat.

Engine Toggle

  • /engine command in chat will toggle your engine on/off while in the driver’s seat.

Cruise Control

  • Start and stop cruise control by pressing Z on your keyboard.


  • Put your seatbelt on and take it off with PageDown on your keyboard.