Buying Food, Fuel, and Medicine

You will need to consume Food and beverages regularly in order to maintain your health and energy. Medication is also available to help restore health lost from minor injuries. There are many markets, restaurants, bars and food carts located around the state where you may purchase food, beverages and medication.

Your hunger/thirst meters may not display until they start dropping some. You can alter when most icons display by pressing I on the keyboard and adjusting the HUD visibility option check boxes. When they turn red, you are getting very hungry/thirsty and when empty, you start taking health damage.

IMPORTANT INVENTORY INFO: Your inventory has a slot and weight limit. If your inventory is too full, items you craft, cook, buy, etc will go to see Jesus. Keep an eye on your inventory before making major sized purchases.

To Purchase Items, simply visit the desired business  (denoted by custom icons on the map), walk into the marker and follow the menu prompts. Select item desired, then quantity and confirm. *If you have a debit card, you can choose whether to pay with cash or bank account by clicking the proper icon in the upper right of the shop menu.

NOTE: Player owned locations may run out of products until the owner stocks them back up. If you go to a store and everything shows as a “full” quantity, the store is not owned. If there’s no stock of that item, you’ll see a message to that affect.

24/7 Markets
Located in many places around the state, 24/7 markets offer convenience and a wide selection of popular food items such as Mountain Pew, e-Cola, Chicken Pot Pies, Tacos and more! Some locations also offer fuel.

LTD Supermarket

Located in the heart of Davis at 121 Carson Avenue is the LTD Supermarket. This place carries almost anything your heart desires! There’s also a clothing shop, tattoo parlor, Cluckin’ Bell, and Burger Shot in the entryway. The supermarket operates differently from the other shops in the state. You can use the self checkouts to purchase your items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here’s how:

To Purchase fuel, Pull your vehicle next to the pump, you should shut the engine off by pressing G on the keyboard, then get out. If you don’t turn off the engine, the car could catch fire! Use the 3rd eye on the gas pump to take the nozzle. Then you can 3rd eye the vehicle to refill it. You will be asked to pick cash or bank account to pay for it, and then asked for the total you want to put in. To buy a jerry can, use the 3rd eye on the pump itself and choose to purchase a jerry can. It comes with 25 liters in it. Boats and aircraft currently have fuel consumption disabled. If you have a boat or aircraft that comes out of the garage with no fuel, open a fivem-server-support-request ticket in our Discord.

Electric vehicles have charging stations at gas stations that you must use to recharge them. Same steps as fueling gas powered vehicles.

First Aid-
You can purchase personal first aid kits in the convenience stores and the LTD Supermarket. Hospitals also allow you to check in at the desk marker to be treated for injuries if EMS is not available.

San Andreas offers a wide range of options for the discerning foodie. Choices include traditional American favorites such as burgers, chicken and hot dogs, to ethnic tastes from around the world, there is something for everyone. Don’t forget to stop by one of the old school street cart vendors – No visit to our fine state is complete without experiencing the unique smog-infused, greasy flavor steamed right into every hot dog! Now THAT’S an experience that never leaves You.

Visit any of restaurants and food cart vendors on the map and approach the marker. Enter the quantity of an item you want to purchase and click to buy it. *Keep in mind you can only select so many at a time and your inventory can only carry so much.

Bars & Local Nightlife
San Andreas offers some great bars and clubs for the self-disrespecting party hound. Hit any one of the clubs or bars around the state to get your drink on, and hone your Mack Daddy skills. Buy some drinks, get hammered and practice your cheesiest pickup lines – You never know, you might get lucky! Just don’t drink and drive!

The Diamond Casino is also itching to take your money. Play slot machines, bet on horse races, or show your skill on the Blackjack tables. We also invite each citizen to get their free daily casino chips and wheel spin!

For those anti-socialites, don’t worry – We’ve got you covered too! Visit any one of the closest liquor stores around the area, purchase your poison and then take your party home, or where ever you desire and get down till the sun comes up! All your favorite major domestic and imported brands are represented thanks to Yakomoto Distributing – Pisswasser, Patriot, Barracho Tequilla, Nogo Vodka, Stronzo etc –  You can find it, drink it and convert it to pee.