Buying Property / Self Storage

Purchase a Home/Apartment

Currently, San Andreas is experiencing a booming real estate market. There are many Houses, Condos and apartments available for purchase to suit all tastes and walks of life. Property prices range from $20K to $5 Million dollars and cover basic housing to high life mansion living.

Simply go to the location you want to inquire about purchasing. They’re marked with a house symbol with a dollar sign in it.

If it’s available to purchase, you can purchase it in the marker, usually near the door. You must have enough money to purchase it, and it must not currently be owned by anyone else.

Once you own a property, you can enter the marker, choose Intercom, then enter your address number and press TAB. If you can’t remember the number to use for your intercom, you can check your address by pressing F1 and choosing Identity. Your address will be listed along with other info.

INACTIVE PLAYERS GET EVICTED! If you aren’t active in the server (for 30 days or more) we periodically remove those inactive accounts that own apartments/homes to free up properties for more active players. There are no refunds and no reimbursements for lost items stored in the property or the cost of the property, itself.

Self Storage Locations

There are currently 6 self storage units you can use to store items from your inventory. These are mainly for people who don’t/can’t own a residence.

The storage fee is currently free, but may be increased to $1 per item at some point. You can remove already stored items for no charge.

Simply go to the marker, and press E on your keyboard to interact with the storage unit. It will give you put/take options, just like storing things in your vehicle trunk.

The locations currently available are:

  • The Secure Unit – Grid 175
  • Del Perro Self Storage – Grid 610
  • Vinewood Self Storage – Grid 125
  • Big House Storage – Grid 86
  • Sandy Shores Tractor Parts – Grid 1009
  • Paleto Bay Self Storage – Grid 3020
  • Grapeseed Self Storage – South of Grid 2025
  • Dock of the Bay Mini-Storage – Grid 19