Medical Aspects and Interacting with Fire/EMS

Remember, we are a realistic roleplay server, criminal charges and injuries are to be taken seriously. With that being said:

If you are roleplaying out and injure yourself, i.e. a fall at home, or off a ladder… most of the time, you will only be slightly injured. But in your interaction with EMS some back and forth is helpful to move the scene along.

EMS arrives on scene, they may be asking you about your injuries, and you can verbally tell them where you are hurting at, and the medics will begin triage and treatment. Many times, they will use the /me command to “put bandages, administer pain meds” etc. But will also be able to use the med menu to evaluate for actual injuries and treat those to prevent you from bleeding out and dying.

Sometimes you may have more severe injuries, i.e. being involved in a shooting, stabbing, or thrown from a vehicle during an auto accident, fall from a tall building. Those will definitely be treatable injuries, and some roleplay will go with those, but most of the medical actions related to the injuries will be in the med menu. The actions can include things like cpr, wrapping injuries and such. The medic will actually perform animations while doing the actions.

The medics here will now be able to put you on and take you off the stretcher on their commands, no longer will you have to interact with the stretchers. They will be able to move you from the ground to the stretcher, and then place you in the Ambulance, pull you out of the Ambulance and then take you to a room, and move you from the stretcher to the bed… all while you sit back and get the best pre-hospital care available in San Andreas.

****NOTE**** If a medic has to perform cpr on you on scene, or if you take an injury where you would be down for extended time in real life… that character SHOULD NOT be seen out and about in the city 5 minutes later, or in severe cases (fall from a building with broken legs and back injuries likely) should not be seen on the next community night. Let that character rest and bring out a different character. Failure to “let the person heal” will be seen as fail rp.

Custom Fires

We have the ability to set custom fires, if you are setting some arson style fires, please either have a witness nearby to give a description of the subject or vehicle, or use some scene text to leave some kind of clues laying around. Therefore the Arson investigator and police have some actual roleplay to pursue, versus just random fires all over the map.

All fire scenes could use some player interaction if it makes sense. Have fun with this, be a witness, a homeowner, a trapped patient, etc.